Where to start? I am a woman (we will just say over 40) who has never had a gym membership until recently. What made this gym the exception…Molly! The enthusiasm she has for my work outs is infectious! It didn’t take long to change my dread and nervousness to energy and excitement. Molly has kept me motivated and provided the accountability factor that keeps me on track. She always has a plan and that plan is continuously evolving to keep my interest, expand my limits and help me obtain my goals. She’s the first to say “good job” but she doesn’t hesitate to say “I think you can give more”. Since I have been working with Molly, the outward appearance of my body has definitely improved as well as my overall health – both physical and mental. Young or old, large or small…EVERYBODY needs to stay physically active and in today’s fast paced life that probably means a trainer! I highly recommend Molly as she is so much more than just a trainer. She is caring, personable, encouraging, knowledgeable and, when she needs to be, relentless. She is a natural!
— Teresa Bishop
I think Molly really understands who I am as a person, my work schedule and personal life and my eating habits. She caters to me personally and doesn’t give me a cookie-cutter plan. She has made me think of the small things and overtime that makes a big change.
Susan H.
I started working with Molly and once I implemented her plan, I lost 10 pounds. And I loved it!
I have really liked the program so far. I like the approach of “a little bit at a time” instead of trying to get to these huge goals which usually leads to failure.