Nutrition 101

- The Basics -

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You know what to do, but can’t seem to get it together? You’ve tried numerous programs and still feel like you aren’t making progress?

I’m here to help.  

Nutrition can be extremely difficult sometimes! Should I eat before working out? Should I fast? Should I eat carbs? I have broken this all down and will guide you through my Nutrition 101 program.

Why work with a Nutrition Coach?

  • You can learn what might be holding you back from success!
  • You can focus on living your life and not counting every single calorie by yourself!
  • You need support and accountability from a qualified coach!
  • You need the reassurance that what you are doing is correct.

What will I do?

  • I will teach you the basics of nutrition.
  • I will customize a plan to meet your caloric intake and goals.
  • I will personally assist you through making meal plans.
  • I will break down the major components of food.
  • I will teach you how to choose healthy and sustainable foods on a daily basis.

What will you gain?

• Increased energy and strength
• Knowledge of basic nutrition and how to eat to live
• Confidence in choosing food on a daily basis that will benefit you
• Knowledge on how to finally kick the word “diet” out of your life
• A support system that will ensure your progress

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