Welcome to the brand new M & C Fitness.

We are two very spirited and knowledgeable certified personal trainers that decided to launch a joint business. One in the United States and one in New Zealand. Why not? We have worked together for several years and have the same philosophy when it comes to training clients and helping people find their best self. Why have one personal trainer when you can have two? We just happen to be on opposite sides of the world!

We have multiple specialties (and a combined 15+ certifications and 28+ combined years in the fitness field) and the passion to build the perfect program for you. Work with one of us or both. But rest assured, we will both make sure that you are comfortable and successful in your fitness journey.

How do we work? We start by scheduling a call with you. We listen to your goals and discuss how we can help you reach those goals. If we are a good fit, we start working on those goals immediately. We work in various areas to help you best. We can design a fitness plan, a nutrition plan or combine the two. We can deliver your plan via email or you can work closely with us via our fitness app, MC Fitness via Trainerize. With the app, we deliver your workouts (and nutrition if you decide too) directly to you each week. We can watch your progress daily and you can also keep track of your progress along side us. Don’t understand the exercise? No problem, just click the description and a quick video demonstrates the move.

As far as nutrition, we will gladly develop a specific plan to keep you on target and hitting your goals. Molly is a licensed nutrition coach and will be the trainer personally developing your plan. If Chad is rocking your fitness program and you add nutrition, Molly will step in and work with Chad to make sure everything goes simply! We work via three programs; ProCoach powered by Precision Nutrition, Trainerize and programming developed by Molly. We will discuss which one best meets your needs and get you started when you are ready!

I want onsite training! No problem. Molly trains in the Birmingham, AL area. (Unfortunately, she does not train on the beautiful beaches of New Zealand like Chad does!) Chad trains in the Wellington, New Zealand area.

Wait… how do I choose between Molly or Chad? You don’t have too. Fill out the info form and we will help you. We are very dedicated to making sure that we are a good fit for you and you are a good fit for us as well! We understand each other very well and if one of us is a better fit, we will tell you! We understand our unique strengths and will make sure we serve you best.

Not sure what’s next? It’s to jump on a call with one of us! Let us discuss how we can help get you started on feeling better and living your best life.

Don’t see what you need? No problem. We can adapt any of our programs to fit your needs.

But wait.. Tell me about your newest programs.

Our newest Atlas Stone program is “rocking” and “carries” you through a 14-day training regimen using Atlas Stones, Kettlebells, and dumbbells. Not for the faint at heart.

Atlas Program
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Our new Kettlebell program is a 12-day very detailed program using kettlebells. Chad guides you through an extensive program that will quickly build strength and endurance. The perfect program for anyone that loves swinging kettlebells.

Kettlebell for Beginners
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Our new app is perfect for the person that wants to work out on their own but still wants the guidance from a licensed personal trainer. We design a program to meet your specific needs and goals.

Our Busy Mom Workout hit the website a few weeks ago and moms are loving it! It’s a detailed program that is designed to be done anywhere while the kiddos are near by. Or knock it out during nap time! Whatever works for our busy moms! This program is 30 days!

Busy Mom Workout
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Strength 101 is my favorite workout! Developed by Chad specifically for strength and endurance. It can be done at a gym or at home! You need a few weights and you are set! It builds each week to assist you with building your strength. It’s a fun and solid workout! 4 week program.

Strength 101
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