Thank you for finding our class schedule! 


Hey guys!

Here's the new spring schedule, we are super excited about 2018 and your personal wellness journey. We are offering new classes this spring and kept some of the "fan favorites". Our goal is to keep you on your toes and challenge you. 

I am also signing up clients for my Nutrition program that will begin April 16th! I am only taking 5 because my schedule is slammed and I want to devote enough time to each of you! Remember I have discounted the monthly cost by almost 40% for MAC members!! Send me an email if you want some more info!

I would also like to announce that as of now, Mercedes is NOT doing Scale Back Alabama this year. Of course, you are welcome to participate privately! MB Fitness, CareHere and Mercedes Benz are planning to launch a joint, site wide program that will last the duration of the year. 

Here's to an awesome year!

Love, Molly