Busy Mom Workout

How exciting is this! We decided to bring this awesome program to you after discussing an opportunity that was thrown at us recently. We started discussing how moms feel left out and stuck out in their world of laundry and sippy cups. Chad is currently rocking his life with his two small, beautiful girls all while holding one of them. Or both at times. Molly has teenagers now but has been through the trying times of staying fit with kids screaming in the background. So.. why not put our knowledge together and build the ultimate mom guide to working out!

Chad designed the program to be easy and doable for any busy mom. It’s a 30-day program that can be done anywhere. Outside, inside, while the baby sleeps, while the 3 year old wants cookies, while hiding in the closet- ANYWHERE! It has everything you need to succeed.

We start with a simple guide that explains all the moves and makes it easy for you to get started! Start any day that you pick and next thing you know, you are feeling better AND looking better. It’s that simple. No major equipment needed either!!

GEEZ! You need this! Excited!!