What is your Fitness Statement?


One of my favorite parts of my job is teaching people to find their fitness statement. They either give me this simple answer that they can accomplish before dinner, although they have no clue it's that simple or they give me something that is so huge that we will need several armies to assist. Either way, when we both put in the work, they always reach their goal.

So, let's find your Fitness Statement.

  • Who are you?

  • What's important to you?

  • What's a few things that really mean the world to you?

  • What's something that truly bothers you that you want to improve or grow at?

That sometimes takes a little searching for. Sit down and really reflect on what you want. I've heard some good ones!

"I want to be able to home school my children in the kitchen every day without constantly feeling like I need to reach for a snack."

"I want to be comfortable in tank tops again."

"I want to be able to get up and down on the floor with my daughter."

"I want to prove to my myself (and my husband) that I can complete a 5k race."

"I want to have fun with my family."

"I want to feel sexy again."

"I want the confidence that I had when I was in college."

"I use to be a power lifting competitor. I want to lift at least half of what I use too."

"I want to not worry about what I eat. I want to enjoy my food and not always count the calories."

"I want to enjoy dancing again."

"I want to get pregnant and have a successful pregnancy."

"I want to have confidence to not worry about things."

"I want to be a better person, physically and mentally. That way, my children can see a better example."

"I just want to look good naked."

Close your eyes for a second and think about yourself. Feel yourself breathing and notice what's going on with your body. Breath in and relax each time you breath out. Clear your mind of your family, your job, your issues, etc. Think about yourself only. What can you imagine will bring you a little more success or happiness? Write it down. Repeat this process until you feel you have the statement you can work with.

If it seems large and majorly scary, break it down into parts.

Awesome. I have my statement and I feel great about it, now what?

Super simple - start walking towards your statement. Post it somewhere that you see it regularly. Start taking small steps to your statement and never look back. Some small ideas that come to mind with starting an exercise plan: Add 10 minutes a day of activity. Add a new machine at the gym. Take the dog for an extra walk 2x a week. Take the kids outside and play. Park on the last row at the grocery store for an entire month. Add 2-3 extra pounds to your normal routine. 

Ideas for starting a new nutrition plan: Cut your alcohol intake in half. Begin a food journal. Cut one of your "worse" foods in half. (2 cookies instead of 4) Add an extra serving of fruit daily. Add an extra serving of vegetables. Visit a local farmers market once a week. Decrease your processed foods by a certain amount. 

You get the idea. It's super important that you write this all down as well. Remember, this about you - no one else. No one else can make you succeed. I can help and support you, but the journey is yours. 


Next - complete the sentences above each week. Repeat the mantra 3x each morning when you get up. Next thing you know, you are rocking that Fitness Statement like a boss. You are checking off those goals and making new ones! 

I want to end with this... you really can accomplish anything that you want too. You are worth it. If you don't have the support that you desire at home, don't worry. Find the support you need. Ask a friend to help you, hire a trainer, hire a coach to guide you, etc. I have been hired to help people that I felt didn't need any help! So, I would just walk up and give them a little nudge and they were off and running on their own. 

You've got this friend. Find your statement!