Friday Faves 2

I'm so excited that it is Friday again! Thanks for all the messages from my first Friday Fave post. Who knew that people like to see what I like? 

This week was an event that my team (and some other awesome people) had worked very hard on! I enjoyed being with them and bringing tons of awareness for Cancer. My team has several events coming up and we are running in all directions so we were excited for the first one of the season to go smoothly. 

Event season = Stress season & a lot of sleepless nights & a million miles on my car & many many cuss words. Luckily, I have trained my team to run as fast as I do. I'm also fairly consistent with my workouts and nutrition, so that keeps me going as strong as I can. 

Here's some of my favorite things this week:

1. Beau. It's kinda like, let's make Molly into a cat and then name her Beau. She is moody, has a bad attitude, is lazy, is full of energy and only likes eating off antiques. She's pretty much my twin. I truly never wanted an animal, but somehow Beau found us. She saved me during a horrible time in my life and has been a wonderful blessing to us all. Last Sunday, she was nasty because I wouldn't let her wonder outside. But, she has been sweet this week. She enjoys traveling between houses (I live at 2 places) and enjoys coming back to my town home because she knows that her sisters will be there. She gets so excited to see them! It usually doesn't last long but she puts on a good face for a few hours. And the birds are back in the backyard, so life has purpose again. And I moved a plant, so an assault has been going on. Either way, she has been one of my favorite things this week!


2. Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend by Trader Joe's. I have several friends that carry this everywhere in their purse. I'm not joking. Stacey will pull it out in a heartbeat. I finally bought some my last trip to Trader Joe's. It's $1.99 and I needed to clean my purse out so I figured I could see if I needed to find a spot for it for those serious seasoning emergencies. I am a huge sea salt (sea :) below) and sesame seed fan so anything that combines the two and I'm over here stuffing it in my purse anytime I go out to eat. I add it to anything. Avocado, baked chicken, roasted vegetables, baked potatoes... It does not have ANY preservatives, sugar or other crap. It's wonderful for a different flavor on chicken. Clean your purse out now. 


3. 30A Olive Oil. My sister-in-law, Stephanie works at 30 Avenue shops in Inlet Beach, Florida and for Christmas she gave a bottle of olive oil from the 30A Olive Oil Co. She is the ultimate gift giver and has given me some awesome things, but this has by far been my favorite. I sat in a conference a few years back with a group of corporate wellness directors and the main speaker was the owner of Simply Infused in Birmingham. It was a huge eye opener and I haven't bought cheap olive oil since. It truly makes a big difference in the quality and taste of olive oils. 30 Avenue is a gorgeous shopping and event center just minutes from Panama City, Florida. 30A Olive Oil Co. has a stunning store full of wonderful products. I've tried several of their olive oils, balsamic oils and seasonings and they are ALL fantastic. I guard my bottle like a hawk when it's out because I will beat you if you waste the excellent stuff. Good luck finding it when it's put away too. Honestly, you will lick the bowl. If you are ever in the Inlet Beach area, 30A Olive Oil Co. is a MUST. Or you can shop online and buy everything they have and they will ship directly to your house. 


4. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. My parents always have pink Himalayan sea salt on hand and I began buying mine in bulk from the best place on earth, Sprouts. It's said to be the cleanest salt available and has numerous nutritional benefits, including over 75 minerals. Average table salt is actually very processed and I try to limit my sodium intake, so I prefer using Himalayan salt. The taste is stronger so I use much less and it brings the taste out of foods more. Like I said, I buy a scoop out of the bulk bin at Sprouts and put it in a container with a lid. It sits on my counter and I just grab a pinch when I need it. I googled benefits of Himalayan salt and here are the top ones: Improves respiratory problems, balances your pH levels, aides with digestion, air purifier and aides in sleep. Apparently, I need to eat gallons every day. I hope you give it a try!  


5. My New Tabata Abs Workout. I've had some clients traveling a lot lately and I'm always trying to keep them active when they are gone. Tabata is high intensity, quick, interval workouts. I completed this workout several nights at home after dinner. It's easy enough to finish but hard enough that you feel like you did something. It can be done in a hotel room, your living room or anywhere that you can put a mat down. I have a full series coming up soon but for now- here's my ab workout. (I actually have tons of free workouts on my site if you haven't looked!)


There's my favorites from this week! Let me know if you try something. I love hearing from you! Have a wonderful weekend!