Strength 101

New workout program is HERE. I am beyond excited. Chad knocked it out of the park with this one. What is it?

A solid 4-week strength program that incorporates weights and is designed to target a specific muscle group each day for building muscle. Each day has a cardio session and a core workout added as well as the strength portion. The program slowly builds your strength as to not injure or overwork your muscles. It’s easy to follow and will explain everything that you need.

Chad spent several years designing programs for our fitness facility and people loved his workouts! They loved the ease of the program and the results that starting showing almost instantly. This program is NO different! It is designed to be done anywhere that you are comfortable. Take it to the gym or grab some weights and do it in your living room. All you need is a few sets of dumbbells and space.

Head over here to get your hands on it!