I'm the sidekick, Hannah!

Lia and myself.

Lia and myself.

Hey ya’ll, my name is Hannah, AKA Molly’s sidekick. Molly asked me to share with you what we call 9 months and counting..

I run the corporate fitness center here in Vance, AL with Molly. Molly is running around crazy and I guess you can say that I am the one that holds “the fort down.” I manage all the staff, payroll, group fitness, make sure Molly doesn’t lose it, etc.

Let’s discuss my biggest job recently- Helping my sister, Lia with her pregnancy.

How was the pregnancy? Any complications? Sickness?

Disclaimer: Lia already worked out extensively.

Molly designed a nutrition program for Lia to follow through her pregnancy along with her doctors normal recommendations. This seemed to have made Lia a bit more comfortable and reinforced a positive body image. Lia is beautiful and embraced the whole pregnancy body!

During the 1st trimester, Lia focused primarily on eating fish, dairy, lots of nuts, a balance of green veggies, and lots of water. Lia’s infatuation with Starbucks was the first thing to go but after a week, she felt more alert than ever.

Molly and I started Lia on an intentional fitness program that helped her maintain her fitness level as her body adjusted to the new life growing in her! Now called, Baby Eli.

Some of those workouts included light yoga/pilates, low intensity cardio, and lots of use of the handy dandy exercise ball. On a side note, Lia maintains this regimen alleviated her morning sickness and reduced her tiredness.

“Growing” into the 2nd trimester, Lia started to have a lot of discomfort and pain in her abdomen. After consulting with doctors and running multiple tests they concluded that nothing was wrong with the baby or pregnancy, this was just part of the baby growing and her body adjusting. Working full-time, the discomfort became a distraction at her job so she discussed it with Molly, and they broke down her diet, exercise plan and the vitamins she was taking. Molly decided to revise her diet to include more beans, fruits and lots of leafy greens to supplement the prenatal vitamin, which was effecting her system terribly.

As it turns out she was right, Lia stopped taking the prenatal vitamin and the pain disappeared, but all her levels were completely maintained by her new diet. Her doctor was fully aware of everything as well.

Exercising during the 2nd trimester has physiological advantages as your body gets used to supplying more oxygen and nutrients to you and you baby. In addition to her existing workout plan, Lia added the elliptical as a safe way to incorporate more cardio.

“Rounding” out the 3rd trimester, Lia reevaluated her diet and exercise. We upped water intake to support the baby’s growth, added more fruits, maintained veggies, added more protein and fiber. This added roughly 300 more calories per day, which did not cause Lia to gain unnecessary weight.

In the home stretch, we modified the workout to include more pelvic floor exercises, which supports internal organs and the baby. (It also gets “things” prepared…”) We added squats in a relaxed position so that gravity would naturally open her pelvis. We also encouraged Lia to get extra exercise time at home by walking her three dogs. In other words, Lia completely rocked her pregnancy.

By following this fitness and nutrition plan, we were able to take the labor out of the delivery. Lia had a very easy labor and delivery and was up and moving almost right away. In fact, a few days after the baby she looked like she never even had one.

Molly and her new business partner, Chad have started a new fitness program for busy moms where Lia and baby Eli are the main models! You can follow their journey on Molly’s Facebook page and Instagram. Lia has had zero issues getting back into her fitness routine either. We are all VERY proud of her and of course, now we are excited to get Eli active one day. Here’s to my sweet sister and her allowing me to “practice” on her!!