Autoimmune Nutrition and My New Adventure

I started working with a wonderful business coach awhile back and she immediately asked the one question that I had been avoiding, “Why don’t you discuss your disease?” And to be true to myself (lol) I piped back with a sarcastic answer.

Truthfully, there’s no real reason. Other than that I hide most of the time and live a double life. I keep my worlds separate for a reason. It’s hard to be the ‘face of wellness’ for a very large company while something is trying its best to kill you.

I do help tons of clients with autoimmune issues and I do share my journey with them. I just don’t walk around with a shirt on explaining my disease. That’s also because I no longer speak publicly as an advocate. I use to speak to groups and even congress about how to live with an autoimmune disease. I do get asked to speak on fitness and nutrition often and I always decline. Why? Because living with a disease is hard. It actually sucks ass. It is a very tough mental game where you always have to be on. And that requires YOU. You aren’t going to make a decision about your well being while sitting in a room with 40 other people. It’s a commitment that you make to yourself and a decision that you have to come to ALONE. It’s very personal.

Now once you make the decision to get help, I am your girl! I live it daily and understand the delicate issues.

Back to where I started! So, my coach and friend made a great point and I may have listened. It took 6 months but I finally did. The more I dove into my new secret project, the better I felt mentally. I guess finally opening up IS beneficial. Yay me for figuring that out. So, I started writing a course on autoimmune nutrition and how to implement that into your life. I did tons of research, spoke with countless patients and began “testing” the program on myself. I had already made myself a nutrition plan a year ago and was feeling and looking better but things could always improve, right? So, I started testing it all out. I was eating certain things A LOT that I deemed a trigger food for me and my disease. Who knew that cauliflower would cause such issues? With my nutrition license, I was very familiar with foods that cause inflammation and so on, but looking deeper at the specific foods was an eye opener.

If you’re struggling with an autoimmune disease, learning to understand your body can be hard, but it can be done! Follow along with me and we can do it together!

Love, Molly