Diet Breakup Podcast with Tiffany DeLuisi

Hey guys! I am excited to share my recent guest appearance on The Diet Breakup Podcast. I have gotten to know Tiffany through several online avenues and I have always enjoyed her style. She is a wonderful blogger and runs a successful podcast, so when she asked if I would make a guest appearance, I gladly agreed!

As many of you know, I don’t always share my story. I don’t lie, but I also don’t freely give my story up. Until recently. I have been working on a HUGE project and have started sharing more. It has actually been very rewarding and freeing for me. And like me, Tiffany started her career as a health coach and then was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. It took her in an opposite direction but she has thrived in her new “role.”

It was a pleasure to talk with her and I hope you enjoy listening. Maybe you will find something out about me that you didn’t know! Which is probably a lot! Okay, I admit that I am private and hold back!! I’m working on it!

Podcast Cover (2).png

Here’s the link to listen:

You can find Tiffany DeLuisi on Facebook and Instagram @tiffanydeluisi.

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