Eat those greens!

I've told the story before about my mom making my brother eat something green at each meal. It made such an impression on me! It was funny watching my brother fight because he couldn't put a single piece of green in his mouth. Now, he eats all kinds of green things and we still laugh about it. 

It's not all created equal and I get asked often what is best. I'm not one to push you away from anything in my category of green but I can give you some tips. 

Try and eat a salad once each day! It doesn't have to be fancy! Just be careful with the dressings and condiments that seem to creep onto most salads. If you are struggling to get in your good fats, throw them on your salad. It's simple. Just remember that your salad should look healthy. 5 cups of sunflower seeds are not healthy. So much dressing that you can't see the lettuce is NOT healthy. I actually never pour dressing on my salads. I always dip my fork in the dressing and then the salad. If you need that much dressing, just drink the dressing and skip everything else. Geez. 

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Now go eat something GREEN!!

Love, Molly