5 Ways To Move More

Part 2 of my new series is here! Yay! Super simple today. Just move more. 


I know it might not be that simple. I have trained numerous clients that were severely sick and all we could do was move a little more each day. Sometimes, walking to the bathroom a few more times each day was all they could manage, but it was something. So, I always made sure that they JUST moved more. Here's my tips for this post:

1. Find Something That You Enjoy. This is a big one. I would rather go to the dentist (no offense to my dentist friends) than to run on a treadmill so I avoid treadmills as much as I can. I need music too. So, I enjoy group classes the most. I love outside activities too so outside I go. If you prefer calmer things, go towards yoga or one on one personal training. If you need motivation, find a friend or trainer to keep you on track.

2. Be Realistic. This one is for my chronically ill friends. Be realistic with what you can do. I am in incredible shape (or I tell myself that at least) but I will never be able to complete a full marathon. I have excuses, like I messed my knee up at 13, surgery at 17 and I have never been able to run on it. I have accepted this. I would love to run, but it's okay that I don't. If you want to master a triathlon - no problem. But, don't plan on doing it next month. Work yourself into it because you don't want to fail or get a nasty injury. I truly believe that we can master whatever we want, but be realistic at first. 

3. Be Patient. Just like I said above, things don't happen overnight. Be patient with yourself. You aren't failing if you are moving forward. Make a plan and how you can get to it and start walking towards that plan. So many people aren't patient and give up a month in when they aren't finishing the marathon in first place. It takes time to master skills! Move more and you will get there!

4. Try New Things. OMG, try it already! I surround myself with adorable, go getter friends and we are always trying things. Why not? We've traveled across the country to a hip hop convention (we stood out like sore thumbs and were asked numerous times if we should be in the mothers tent) and had a blast. We've driven to Atlanta to dance. We had a German friend that had never water skied and all she wanted to do while in the states was to ski. Found us a boat and we skied all day. She had a blast. One of us wanted to try Aerial Yoga so off we went. (It's wonderful by the way.) There was also the time six of us decided to try a Horizontal Conditioning (it's a real thing!) class from the creator of the program. We walked in all confident and about 20 minutes in, we were being shown up by several 9 months pregnant women! We had a fantastic time but she kicked our asses! 

5. Consult a Physician. Always check with your doctor before starting something new! That's a must! And if it hurts, STOP!

So, stop what you are doing and write down a few things that you want to do. Then make a plan and start walking towards that plan! As always, if you need support or motivation, leave me comment and I'll help you reach your goals. 

Much love,