Friday Faves 5

1. Fresh Fruit in the Summer. This is an easy one. Who doesn't love fresh fruit? I have a little one that will literally eat herself sick when it comes to fruit. I have actually hid fruit from her. I love fruit too and I am happy that my girls will eat it, so I keep tons around. I have always kept a fruit bowl out just in case they wanted a snack. We eat it plain, with yogurt, in pies, on pies, with whipped cream, in smoothies, anyway really. Yum to fresh, summer fruit!

Cost: Varies


2. Arctic Zero Fit Frozen Dessert Ice Cream. I sure have included several ice creams on my lists, even though I rarely eat it! The ice cream market has been flooded with healthier options and it intrigues me that we are trying to find healthier options for just about anything. I'm not sure why we can't just use self control and have the normal stuff, but whatever. This ice cream/frozen dessert is more of a frozen yogurt consistency. For 35 calories, well worth it. 

Cost: $3 ish a pint


3. Willy's Salsa.  Not all salsa is created equal. Especially if you are dealing with gluten issues or eat a low FODMAP diet, like I do. Plus, who wants tons of sugar and fake crap in their salsa? That's why I love Willy's Salsa. I send it in school lunches with my little one  and she loves it. It's all natural and very good! I'm a baby, so I get the mild one. I have tried the hot one and it's HOT! But, still good. Find it in the fresh veggie section. 

Cost: $5 ish but it does go BOGO at Publix often. 


4. Ocean Spray Pact Infused Water.  If you follow me at all, you know I have been on a quest for something to drink that's not full of sugar. Or juice. Or caffeine. I am a natural drinker, all day. Tea, water, tea, tea, orange juice, water, etc. All day. That's a ton of sugar into one day. I tried to cut some tea out first. Then out went the orange juice completely. While at Aldi, I found these Ocean Spray infused waters. Whoa - I really like them. They have very low sugar and only 10 calories. I only bought these two flavors, but I would love to try some others. My new favorites!

Cost: $1.29 each


5. Watermelon Sorbet. My oldest decided to try her hand at making her own sorbet. Heads up, if you need an excuse to mop your floors, give your 17 year old a broken food processor and an entire watermelon. I've mopped twice and we are still sticking to the floor. However, the sorbet turned out fantastic! I love anything  with watermelon, so it was a win win for me. Don't be scared by the recipe either, it's not that complicated to make your own sorbet! Here's my post with the recipe: Here

Cost: Varies on cost of watermelon


Thanks for reading. Don't be scared of a little fruit!