Friday Faves 4

It's Friday again! I know I say this every Friday - but this is my favorite list. 

1. My 'I Eat Carbs" towel. I found this adorable towel in a small shop in North Carolina and had to have it. It's so me! I have the "carb talk" several times a week it seems. Good carbs should be your friend! They aren't mean. The mean girl just spread a rumor about them and now everyone believes it. Don't go along with the crowd, be your own person. A carb eating person. Then you'll be happy and have tons of energy. You'll lift harder and get some much needed fiber, vitamins and phytochemicals. If you are a fad diet follower, order this towel and use it everyday so you can be reminded to not always listen to the rumors. 

Cost: 7 hour car ride + $9.99


2. Tarte Concealer. First off, I'm a Bobbi Brown makeup snob. I'll say that up front. I was out of concealer and happened to be in Ulta killing time when I asked the most adorable salesperson what type of makeup she had on. Next thing I know, I'm cheating on my Bobbi Brown consultant and driving home with a tiny bag of $188 worth of stuff. *See mascara below. Anyway, this stuff is phenomenal! Worth every penny and all the sudden I don't look like I've been up for four days straight. Even though, I have been up for four days straight. Or maybe, I'm just hoping I look better because, again $188 is missing. It is also a vegan product which I love and it does not need a finishing powder. (That saves me $9.99 right there.) Again, I'm loving this product. If you see me in person, please comment on how rested I look. I'll act like I'm actually rested. 

Cost: $27 


3. Benefit BadGal Bang Mascara. Again, Olivia from the Hoover Ulta somehow managed to send me home with some awesome stuff! I have really long eye lashes so I go through a lot of mascara. I have tried them ALL. I usually use a cheap mascara from Target and I generally like it, but I go through tons. I've tried expensive stuff before and it was never worth the money. I really like this! It works with a few swipes and stays on all day. Even through multiple fitness classes. Try it!

Cost: $24


4. Toufayan Gluten Free Scoopable Pita Chips. These were a BOGO item at Publix several weeks ago and I grabbed a bag. My oldest loves pita chips so I figured I would try them. They are really good! I'm not a huge eater, so I can eat a few chips and be satisfied. I was afraid that the flavor would be too strong but it's not. If you are someone that enjoys the crunch of a chip but are trying to break your addiction to the sogoodbutbadforyouchips, try these guys out.  

Cost: $2.50 ish on sale


5. Green Valley Organics Yogurt. If you have been following me at all, you know that I'm trying a new eating plan and adding yogurt was on my list. I do try and stay lactose free because I have the weakest stomach on the planet so I grabbed this yumminess at Sprouts. I also try and stay with the plain (or Vanilla) variety to limit my sugar intake. I ate this for a snack at work with some fresh pineapple. It has quickly moved into my favorite brand. The yogurt market has blown up with a million brands and varieties. And they are not all created equal!! Most are full of sugar and calories so really check the ingredients! 

Cost: $1 ish



Love, Molly