Friday Faves 3

1. Elli Quark German Yogurt. I'm not a huge yogurt fan, but I do like a good, all natural one every now and then. I found this awesome one at Target. They are all natural, high protein, very little sugar, 95% lactose free and gluten free. They also have probiotics in them. I've only tried a few flavors, but I loved this Vanilla Bean flavor. I stick with vanilla or no flavor yogurts typically. The Brownie Batter was good but I'm more of a plain girl. I mixed mine with a few blueberries and raspberries and made a healthy snack/breakfast. They are much thicker than traditional yogurt, more like a cheesecake consistency. So, if cheesecake is your weakness, here's a great solution! I have to admit that I really liked them! If your local Target doesn't carry them, I also found them at Sprouts. Worth a try, I promise! (Yes, I had been digging in the dirt. Clearly my nails reflect that!)

Cost: $1.19


2. Duke's Smoked Sausages. I found these at my local grocery store and they are yummy! I was drawn to them for being gluten free and low in sugar. They come in a variety of flavors but I figured I wasn't brave enough to tackle the Hatch Green Chile just yet. I settled on the original and I really liked them. My stomach is the most sensitive thing on the planet and I was able to tolerate them well. It's a win win for me. Plus they have 9 grams of protein per serving and very little carbs. And they are yummy. Did I mention that? Click the name above and it will take you to their page and store locator. These would make the perfect snack for your gym bag! 

Cost: $1.29 


3. Ripple Milk. It's not a secret - I hate milk. I gave it up years ago in hopes that my stomach would begin feeling better. But recently, I have tried to cut some other foods out of my system (AKA, massive amounts of orange juice) and needed something to replace it. So, my journey for a milk like product began. I can tolerate lactose-free milk well so I decided to try Ripple milk. It is stupid yummy! It was on sale, so I bought both the regular and chocolate milk. Both were fantastic. It is a pea, plant based milk and is full of Omega-3s and calcium. I did cook with it one night where milk was called for and it didn't cook as smoothly as regular milk. But, I'm fine with that, if it means that I can eat certain things again. If you have a milk allergy in your family, give this a try. It really is yummy. 

Cost: $4.50


4. Fresh Carrots. Oh, am I the luckiest girl alive! I have parents that are phenomenal at gardening. I have mentioned numerous times that they have an organic garden. Their carrots are 100x better than the store bought ones. They visited this past weekend and thankfully delivered some yummies! I always ask for them to keep the tops on because of this. If you ever have the opportunity to purchase fresh carrots, do so. He had a variety last year that was very sweet. It was like eating candy. I'm dying to make a new gluten free carrot muffin this weekend, so perfect timing dad! They also brought Kale and Radishes. All my favorites!!

Cost: Free from Daddy


5. Bare Apple Chips. I am notorious for pushing my meals WAY back during the day. I will eat my first meal around 1 and then a second around 6. Plus, I stay up really late each night. So, by 11 pm, I am hungry again. This is when I would grab a snack and not always the best ones. I found these apple chips at Publix. Ingredients: Apples. That's it. They are very good in my opinion. My little one who will eat anything didn't like them though. They do have a strong apple flavor of course, so that threw her off. She generally loves apples. Oh well. I like them though! If you are the type that needs a "crunch", try these out. They have several varieties, such as granny smith, coconut and banana chips. 

Cost: $2.99 ish 


I hope you find something that you can't live without!