Carrot Top Pesto

I have a new recipe to share!

I'm in love with it and I hope you do as well! It was freezing outside and I flat out refused to go to the grocery store. I have been researching Pesto lately and I had a ton of fresh carrots from my parents garden that I needed to cut in the fridge. So, Carrot Top Pesto it is!

My parents have a wonderful garden and I LOVE getting deliveries!!! I visited my parents several weeks ago, which meant I came home with organic, fresh vegetables. Their garden is pesticide free and organic. My dad grows carrots and I swear, they are like candy. If you eat fresh carrots, you will always like them more than the store bought kind. So, anytime they have carrots, I clean them out! 

I had a big pile of carrots that still needed to be cleaned and cut. I just hate throwing the tops away. We do have a horse farm near my house and I thought about taking the tops to them, but remember it was -10 degrees outside. In comes the Pesto. 


I cut the tops from the carrots and actually soaked it all in warm water. I then, scrubbed the carrots for snacking and salads and allowed the tops to dry on a towel. 

Once the tops were dry, I trimmed them and made sure there were no sticks or leftover dirt hanging around. They literally went from the dirt, straight into the bag I brought them home in. You MUST try fresh carrots. If you are weird and scared, get over it. It's like carrot candy. 

Next step: Add walnuts or pecans. I decided to use pecans. (Also from my mom.) She is my mom and you may not borrow her.


In a food processor- pulse 1 cup of walnuts and/or pecans just until they begin to form a paste. Add 2 garlic cloves and pulse until a paste forms. Add 2 cups of carrot tops. 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning. A dash of Himalayan sea salt. Pulse this together for a few seconds and begin drizzling in a good quality olive oil. I used about 1/2 a cup. 

Taste and add more salt or olive oil for your taste. I made mine a little thicker than usual because I planned to spread it on bread for snacks. 


Super simple and quick! Serve with thin, Italian bread slices or mix with zucchini noodles for a yummy side dish. You can also add to fettuccine with some baked chicken. Yummy! 

Several things:

1. Do not be scared of making your own pesto. It's simple and you can control the ingredients and calories!

2. You MUST try fresh carrots.