Comfort 101

What actually is comfort? How do you find comfort in all areas of your life? How can one person find comfort in one area and another have that as a huge fear? How can you step beyond the things that make you uncomfortable? 

Believe it or not, I am crazy uncomfortable most of the time. It makes zero sense I know. I am very confident though. So, how does that work? I have no doubt that I know my stuff so that doesn't bother me. I can give details of all kinds of fitness and nutrition stuff. But, finding a comfortable way to live in my own skin and world is a different story. My mother tells the story of putting me in a turtle neck for a family picture. I was an adorable chunky toddler apparently. I started screaming, "NO!" I refused to move until the item that was sucking the life out of me was removed. I was uncomfortable. I was a toddler and still knew what made me uncomfortable. I actually thought of this post recently when I was discussing this topic with someone. If you want to kill me, put me in a turtle neck several sizes too small. I will surely murder you first and then attempt to kill myself until the thing comes off. 

Being comfortable it seems is engraved in us from the start. I still can't imagine wearing jeans two sizes too small. I would rather walk around with no pants on. Some people are petrified to speak in front of other people. I can speak with no problems. I have two types of clients in my facility. The one who is uncomfortable with anyone even looking in her direction. And the one that doesn't care about anything. So, how can we change our comfort levels?  

I think the first step is being comfortable within yourself. Appreciate your talents and features. Be happy that you woke up this morning. Be happy that you have a facility to workout at. Be comfortable in asking for help. Find a level of comfort that will allow you to fuel your body properly. I have colleagues that judge me all the time for the way I eat. I have a chronic auto immune disease that grips me with severe nausea. I don't walk around with a shirt on that says this. But, I know my limits and I eat the way that is comfortable for me. Often just eating one bite is the best that I can do. I actually just started a high fat low carb plan last week. I eat remarkably well and this isn't a huge change. However, I.AM.UNCOMFORTABLE. If you want to live your life without mashed potatoes, then you are weird. It's ok, weirdos aren't a bad thing. My tribe is full of weirdos! I couldn't teach this plan without trying it first. So, I'll take one for the team for 30 days. A full month without potatoes. Or sugar. I'll write more about this later!

Please, work on finding your comfort. Try to find an activity that you can do for 20-30 minutes a day. It doesn't have to be rock climbing. Just something that gets you moving. Try and find a healthy eating plan that you can sustain. I make these plans for clients every day and will whip you one up with no problem. Whatever happens, find a comfort within you that allows you peace and happiness. If you can't achieve the goal on your own, I know a highly qualified person that can help. And we can negotiate mashed potatoes. 

Leave me a comment with what helps you find your comfort.