Cricket Yumminess

I read constantly it seems and I swear that the health and nutrition fields change daily sometimes. Today's reading.. Cricket Flour. 

I was totally grossed out and felt like my music in my car (I was parked!) was chirping.  I convinced myself that a cricket was in my car.  I'm still not convinced it was in my head.  Oh the irony.  

I'm not crazy here, I mean not in this area.  The newest protein source that is about to hit the market - Cricket Flour.  After dry heaving a few times and finally finishing the article, I'm on board.  I'm not sure what I will say when the shipment arrives, but it sounds interesting. 

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reports that bugs are in the diets of at least 2 billion people worldwide.  Essentially, I am a loser for not eating bugs.  

The flour is made from grounding up the entire yummy, chirping cricket.  Even the legs.  And head.  It is being called one of the most sustainable and nutritious protein sources currently on the planet.  This is where my daughter and close friends would begin questioning every little finding.  On the entire planet?  The entire EARTH..?  Crickets are over 60% protein by weight and have calcium and iron in them.  

Rebecca Lewis, RD, states that cricket-based protein is also high in essential B vitamins, contains ALL nine essential amino acids and is easily absorbed into the body.  Now, I have worked with a ton of body builders and they are crazy (no where near my marathoners!) when it comes to gaining muscle, so I look forward to seeing some of the trials with this group!  I can laugh just imagining their questions for me.  

"How did you manage such gains Bob?"  "I started eating crickets."  

They are claiming that the taste has a slight nutty flavor but is very mild.  It can replace most any of the current flours on the market.  (Unless you eat Gluten free.)  Crickets are from the shellfish family, so if you have an allergy there, then be aware of that.  After researching this topic, I am shocked to say that I actually look forward to trying it.  I have no idea why, I just do. Protein is such an important part of a healthy diet and my clients generally struggle with eating enough.  There's just so much chicken and eggs that you can eat. 

Well, here's to another non-boring day in my life!  Chirp..

Love, Molly