Yoga Challenge - Friday Routine

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this finds you all thankful and feeling good. I hope your day was spent enjoying your time and family. 

I had a small Thanksgiving at home. I am very thankful to have spent it with my sweet girls. I cooked all their favorites and we enjoyed the day at home. As I’ve grown older and things are smaller, I’ve begun to really miss my family and friends. I grew up with friends and family around during the holidays. Everyone was kind and loved each other’s company. So, I certainly miss those days. We did clean out some things and found some old pictures that my girls laughed and laughed over. I woke up this morning with my glamour shots from 7th grade on the refrigerator. Awesome. 

Today is also my birthday!  My girls wanted desperately to have me a party since they missed it last year because they were traveling. I have invited my girlfriends over for a dinner tomorrow night. I am extremely excited to see them all and to actually sit and talk. I have some awesome, clean recipes to make them so I will make sure to take lots of pictures. 

I am very thankful for you and for sticking it out during this yoga challenge. I will keep the posts up awhile so you can redo them if you like. Thanks to all our clients at the gym as well, you make me happy to do what I do. 

Here is your Friday routine. If you ate as much as most, maybe go back and do all the routines today! What’s the harm? Enjoy your weekend and I wish you a relaxing and happy one.  



hankYou (1).png
hankYou (8).png