Yoga Challenge - Wednesday Routine

It's day three of our Yoga Challenge!! We hope that you are enjoying yourselves and finding some quiet time each day. 

It's the time of year where things are moving very fast and stressors start to creep in. We might not sleep as well, we certainly aren't eating that awesome (It's fudge season after all) and we are just plain tired! You also are too busy to workout. Oh, the shame! 

That's where we have to find a few things that can keep us grounded. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Use the 80/20 rule. Do not deviate. If you think you can fudge (pun intended) that number a few times, next thing you know - you're over here at 20/80. That just will not work and you will find yourself on the typical 7-8 pound gain train! Please do not ruin your progress for a month of fun or fudge. Statistics show that individuals who gain the typical 7-8 pounds during the holidays, rarely take it all off during the New Year. So, if you struggle with holiday eating - eat 80% compliant and 20% not compliant.

2. Do not over extend yourself! My mother raised me to understand that I will not die a miserable death if I do not attend every party I am invited too. I will still have friends and everyone will still love me, Damn it! Focus on the things that mean the most to you. 

3. Get plenty of rest and exercise. FYI, I did not use exclamation points there but I did holler it. Rest and exercise are WAY more important than the lady's church social that will take you hours to bake cookies for. 

4. Find a way to plan/prep ahead of time. Here's my mother again. She plans her yearly Banana Bread baking out to a tee! She bakes hundreds of Banana Bread loaves every year. As in people are calling her asking when they will receive theirs! She's famous for it! She pre-orders the bananas, she (ok, my dad) shells her own pecans weeks in advance, she buys all the ingredients at once and then she bakes all at once. She doesn't bake a batch and then clean up, etc. She bakes ALL weekend. Then she cleans up. Then she is done. No more worry for the rest of the season. Try to prep your meals on Sundays. Choose dishes to make for a party that you are comfortable with. Nothing is worse than spending hours googling a certain thing needed for a recipe. Or if you're me, the screaming obscenities all the way to the grocery store at 9:45 pm. (That happened two nights ago! I swear!!)

5. Spend 10 minutes each night before bed to relax and meditate. Center your mind. Prepare for the next day and then let it go for the night. Do some gentle yoga stretches and deep breathes. Then - go to bed! 

I hope your holiday season is wonderful! 

Good news! I am going to stop talking and let you have your newest Yoga routine! Here is your Wednesday routine and it is called "Stretching your Turkeystrings!" Enjoy!!  

Again, if you need us, leave us a message here.


Molly and Josh

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