Yoga Challenge - Tuesday Routine

How did your Monday routine go? I did my routine with my awesome class at lunch! Josh is on a secret travel vacation and completed his as well! 

Let's discuss my awesome group down here. They have all been with me for years and I love them like stupid amounts. Honestly, they are great people. It's amazing how dedicated and just plain nice they are. Rita - Holy smokes. She is a gorgeous person! Margaret - I've blabbed about her before. She's my adorable spit fire. One of my all time favorites! Tom - He started coming years ago to help with some pain. He has come so far. He even rode his motorcycle all the way to Canada this summer. Callie - My ridiculously fast and sweet runner. So quiet, but she will pass you every time. Ana - My newest member. She is the cutest thing alive! I have loved getting to know her. Holly - She is one of my best friends! She has an adorable 6 month old son (and a 6 yr old and 15 yr old) and has lost ALL her pregnancy weight! She looks fantastic! Stephanie - Another quiet, gorgeous one. She is the sweetest hard worker we have. I don't think I have ever seen her give up. 


Anyway - yay for everyone completing Monday! Here is your Tuesday routine. It is designed to start/aide your digestion system. Don't worry, we will repeat it Friday!! Stay long and lean and really hold the moves. Inhale and exhale with each move and keep your core engaged. This is a good time to mention your strength here. We have worked for MONTHS to get our clients to drop from a plank to the floor, so don't be discouraged if you can't complete it correctly. Drop to your knees and go from there. Notice where you are and keep practicing and you will eventually get there. It's one of our proudest accomplishments when our clients can lower correctly. You'll get there! Again, if you need us, leave us a message below. 


Molly and Josh

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