Planksgiving and Yoga Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. It's my favorite holiday of the year. I decided to do something a tad different this year to keep you, my awesome people on track! You have two options to not fall completely off the wagon! 

Holidays are hard and if you are one of those people that fall even a little and immediately give up - then you need a little motivation. It's ok to eat at Thanksgiving. It's not ok to eat for five days and make yourself sick. It's ok to eat your favorite pie from your favorite aunt. It's not ok to eat that favorite pie every weekend until February. 

My clients have success because I have (hopefully) taught them the lifestyle and how to go up and down peacefully. No "diet" is worth sulking in the corner until you are so pissed that you text me and declare your hatred for all diets. Just find your comfort level and be responsible. If you can only eat the ENTIRE pan of Sister Schubert rolls, then maybe you should be a responsible roll owner and not buy them. If you are laying awake at night upset because your Thanksgiving is now ruined because you will not be a roll owner, then buy the rolls. I don't care. Just get back up after you "roll" around with your rolls. 

My Assistant Director, Anna made this awesome Planksgiving workout. I swear you can do it. Try for at least 3x this week. Video or take a picture of yourself doing it and she promises a freebie when you return from the holiday. Wouldn't it be awesome if she handed out packages of Sister Schubert rolls? The good ones with the sausages. I will totally encourage her to do that. 


Let me introduce you to my new yoga trainee/instructor - Josh!!

Here he is with his lovely wife after completing the Mercedes Half Marathon!

Here he is with his lovely wife after completing the Mercedes Half Marathon!

He started with me years ago and the more questions he asked, the more I could tell that he studies and practices yoga. We became friends and he is currently studying for his certification. I love him. He is like a walking light bulb. I may describe a pose and he will look up and seem so excited. It's like I can actually see the light come on. He has turned into a wonderful instructor and I am proud to have him beside me. We decided to make a fun but challenging week routine.

Keep in mind - we made this for our current students and kept the terms basic so everyone could understand. We also recorded ourselves performing the moves on one side only. The videos are for you only if you need a refresher.

Warm up is simple. Repeat each day with the new workout. 

hankYou (1).png

The routine for Monday is all about balancing the holiday. Enjoy. 

hankYou (5).png

Enjoy and remember to follow proper rules and guidelines! If you need either one of us, send us a message here on this post! We will see you tomorrow night with the next day. Much love!


Molly & Josh