Happy Circle

Good morning!  I hope this finds you all happy this morning and ready for awesomeness. January has been a whirl wind over here.  Corporate Fitness runs slightly different than a regular box gym, but January still is jam packed!  I am planning three events now and working all kinds of stuff.  Did I happen to mention that I passed my Sports Nutrition course?  Did I forget?  Need me to remind you again?  Tomorrow maybe? I currently have 5 clients making big strides.  Like, the spark has returned for them.  That makes me stupid happy.  They are following my plans and finding that they do have what it takes to be successful.  And you don't have to diet to be healthy.  Just put good quality food together in a way that will make your body more efficient.  Take that people!  Yay for some awesome friends!

Let's discuss your Happy Circle.  Where is it?  I always train my yoga clients to find their happy spot.  A spot that no one else has or knows about.  Maybe you have been there or it's a screen shot in your mind of a perfect place.  It's a place that brings you peace and love. And happy.  Use that spot to meditate and calm your soul.  It's a learned skill but with practice, you can master.  I can actually see if my clients are relaxed and at a calm state. Sometimes all they need is for me to touch their foot and they let go.

I am on a quest to find myself and find/create/improve/love myself.  It's a hard ass job. Hard. Ass. Job.  HARD.ASS.JOB!  I love helping friends and colleagues find their "place." You can watch and see their spirit change.  They smile differently and have this new energy.  I see it.  People see it.  They text me crazy sentences.  At midnight.  7 am.  They holler in the aisle at Piggly Wiggly.  I freaking love it.  My spirit adores it.  So, I want my soul to be that strong coach it is.  With thigh high socks on.  The striped ones, with ruffles. Because ruffles are better.  Honestly, ruffles make the world go around.  Someone told me the other day that they didn't like my new army green Free People vest because "the ruffles are weird."  OMG.  Army Green Free People Vest With Ruffles.  Conversation is over.

Love, Molly