Shout Out!

I'm going to be honest here - I have some of the best friends/colleagues in the world! And they are smart and all smoking hot! Several of you have asked some questions regarding Whole 30 and Intermittent Fasting.  I can answer the questions but why not give you another site that is fantastic and full of awesomeness!  Show my girl, Stacey some much deserved love!  She is this phenomenal, kind and gorgeous soul.  She is my go to person on anything Whole 30.  She practices Intermittent Fasting as well and just published a post discussing it.  I need you to check it out! I actually bounce between both types of eating.  Having an autoimmune disease, I have found that the Whole 30 way of life helps me the most.  Cutting out processed food in my diet was a game changer several years ago.  Maybe this is a good time to spill the beans..

I will finally be finishing my Precision Nutrition Level 1 Sports and Nutrition Certification this week!  Going back to school is hard!  I feel like it was a big area of my career that was lacking, so I have enjoyed learning the ridiculously complicated world of Sports Nutrition! I'll launch my first packages NEXT WEEK!  EEK!

Happy soon-to-be January!  If I can help you find your perfect workout or nutrition plan, find me!


Go find Stacey and tell her I sent you! -

Here's the fantastic article on Intermittent Fasting -

Me, Stacey and Linda a few weeks back NOT drinking beer.  Or eating nachos.

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