Did you just use the D word in front of my kids?

Did you just use the D word?  D.I.E.T.  If you know me at all, you know I never say the word diet.  I mean I will act sweet and discuss whatever my clients want to discuss.  I can talk all professional and listen to their rationale and try to help them understand why dieting is not the right path to chose.  I might even possibly role my eyes.  It is my job to research and break down ALL diets, right?  And I do.  My team will sit and discuss all kinds of things for hours on end.  Sometimes, while running sprints.  True story.  We consist of a Doctor of Biology, several future Exercise Physiologists, a master level Exercise Physiologist about to enter medical school and several trained personal trainers.  Oh, and a random know it all.  It's why my team is fantastic and incredibly good.  Anyway, back to the D word. My nutrition background has continued to grow and I have managed to keep myself "clean" and not on any one band wagon.  Some of my closest and most successful friends run national programs and will cut your throat if you question their specific program.  I'm fine with that actually, because it's what they have studied and tested over and over again.  It might even be working for all I know.  I mean I have studied their programs extensively and I believe in them.  For me?  No.  For some of my clients?  No. So, let's discuss some points.

I just do not believe that one specific diet is the best thing in the world and the end all of all programs ever invented.  It is my job to help each client find the one that will work for them. Here's some points from my nutrition program about varying diets:

  1. They raise nutrition awareness and attention. Research has shown that simply paying attention to what you eat is a key factor in improving your health.

  2. They focus on food quality. Paleo advocates want you to eat more natural, minimally processed foods. Whole 30 advocates want you to eat zero sugar. Vegan advocates want you to eat natural, plant-based foods. I promise that whatever band wagon you have jumped on, it is recommending a whole, minimally processed, nutrient-rich food diet.

  3. They help eliminate nutrient deficiencies. In other words, they teach you how to adequately plan a well balanced diet. They show you how to put certain foods together and they are teaching a better quality of food. Whole, natural foods have more nutrients because they haven't been stripped out during processing. Within a few weeks of eating quality food, we feel totally rejuvenated. Our bodies respond almost immediately but it often takes time to notice.

  4. They help control appetite and food intake. When we love ourselves and take control of our eating, we choose more wisely. This typically includes more satisfying and higher quality foods. If you eat properly, I repeat...properly, there is no need to count every single calorie that goes in your mouth. I counted calories for about 10 minutes back in 2002.

  5. They promote regular exercise. Almost every diet band wagon suggests getting regular exercise. When people are paying attention to their diets, they usually start thinking of how else they can get healthy. That's never a bad thing! Unless its the newest juice diet that says you only need 20% exercise. 80% juice and 20% exercise and your life is forever changed! It's changed for about 20-30 minutes and then when you return from the bathroom, hopefully you have found your brain. Unless, it's 80% juice, then you're screwed.

What is the secret?  Hold on to your juice..  it's a well balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  Live and eat in moderation.  I eat fresh, REAL food.  Seldom do I eat true crap.  I mean I do, but not over and over.  I never eat for stress or recreation.  If I want some cake, because someone made their grandmothers recipe from scratch and I might die without tasting a little slice of grandma, then I will.  I will not sit and eat the entire cake because it might go to waste.  I grew up eating very little meat, even went years as a vegetarian and I believe you can get your nutrients from all kinds of food.  The answer is finding your groove and what makes your body react the best.  I have a close friend teaching the full Whole 30 program and she is having remarkable success.  So, again, find your groove.  But, please please follow the real, quality food rule!  Drop the process, limit sugar and find someone that can help.  Oh wait, I may know someone....  Shoot me an email and let's talk!  NO JUICE.