Really? STFU.

Hey people.  Physical therapy still sucks.  Knee sucks.  It isn't healing well.  Why would it when I deal with so much issues already? Don't know that reason?  Sorry.  Another day. Let's discuss Happiness.  Inner Happiness.  How can one truly find it if they even remotely listen to what others say?  I have been in the fitness business since I was 17.  I have heard a lot.  Which can be sad when you think about it, but then I haven't been sheltered, so that's a positive, right?  Today a "friend, old client, whatever you call it" sees me and says, "wow, you are looking thick!  I mean, damn you look great."  Being the person I am, I declare him a fucker and asked if he just called me heavy.  For the record, I am down 3 pounds.  Anyone notice?  Anyone?

Being a trainer with an injury, sucks the biggest of biggest shit.  Not being able to do what you want, sucks even more.  Then add some more shit, and there I am.  So, I am already in a horrible spot as you can tell and I'm told I'm heavy.  I am either too skinny or thick or sick or something.  Why can't we be fine or beautiful or happy?  Why can't people keep their mouths shut?  I see people each day and I have never mentioned that they have gained weight.  EVER.

Anyway, I've hit the MACROS chapter in my nutrition book! Paaarrrrttttaaayyyy! It excites me.  Eat to live people, not live to eat.  Maybe you'll look "thicker." I'm excited for the next chapter of this journey.  Hopefully, I can keep my head clear and happy and not clouded by outside things!  I'll just keep dreaming of proteins and nutrients.