Protein Balls


I have been eyeing some different chocolate protein options for awhile. After running into a recipe from Living Well Mom, I decided to try my own this weekend. I'm very pleased with the result. 

I have also been discussing some chocolate options for a few clients that are struggling with afternoon sweet cravings. Found It!

I started with really good ingredients. I struggle with stomach issues regularly and I have been eliminating certain grains and flours from my diet. Which has helped tremendously, so I made sure to buy the gluten free option of steel cut oats. I also left my almond butter at work, so I used natural peanut butter instead. I was just experimenting, but I like it. It will naturally make it sweeter though, but the guys I was feeding, didn't mind. 


Start with a food processor and add all the ingredients. It comes together very quickly and can be made in ten minutes! 


1 cup gluten free steel cut oats

3/4 cup natural peanut butter or almond butter

1/4 cup ground flaxseed

2 tablespoons honey

1/2 tablespoon olive oil or coconut oil

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 tablespoons of cacao powder

I am fortunate to have a client and good friend, Jim that raises bees and makes the best honey. I prefer fresh, natural honey over the store bought processed stuff. So, I used local honey. 

Back to the recipe. Mix everything in a food processor until fully combined. Roll into balls and put on wax paper and place in the fridge until cold. Eat immediately or store in an air tight container for a quick snack full of goodness. 


Even Beau approved. No, she didn't eat any. 


I would recommend eating 2-3 each afternoon when you are about to attack the candy machine. At least here, you know all the ingredients are good quality. Enjoy and leave me a message if you try them!




Carrot Top Pesto

I have a new recipe to share!

I'm in love with it and I hope you do as well! It was freezing outside and I flat out refused to go to the grocery store. I have been researching Pesto lately and I had a ton of fresh carrots from my parents garden that I needed to cut in the fridge. So, Carrot Top Pesto it is!

My parents have a wonderful garden and I LOVE getting deliveries!!! I visited my parents several weeks ago, which meant I came home with organic, fresh vegetables. Their garden is pesticide free and organic. My dad grows carrots and I swear, they are like candy. If you eat fresh carrots, you will always like them more than the store bought kind. So, anytime they have carrots, I clean them out! 

I had a big pile of carrots that still needed to be cleaned and cut. I just hate throwing the tops away. We do have a horse farm near my house and I thought about taking the tops to them, but remember it was -10 degrees outside. In comes the Pesto. 


I cut the tops from the carrots and actually soaked it all in warm water. I then, scrubbed the carrots for snacking and salads and allowed the tops to dry on a towel. 

Once the tops were dry, I trimmed them and made sure there were no sticks or leftover dirt hanging around. They literally went from the dirt, straight into the bag I brought them home in. You MUST try fresh carrots. If you are weird and scared, get over it. It's like carrot candy. 

Next step: Add walnuts or pecans. I decided to use pecans. (Also from my mom.) She is my mom and you may not borrow her.


In a food processor- pulse 1 cup of walnuts and/or pecans just until they begin to form a paste. Add 2 garlic cloves and pulse until a paste forms. Add 2 cups of carrot tops. 1 tablespoon of Italian seasoning. A dash of Himalayan sea salt. Pulse this together for a few seconds and begin drizzling in a good quality olive oil. I used about 1/2 a cup. 

Taste and add more salt or olive oil for your taste. I made mine a little thicker than usual because I planned to spread it on bread for snacks. 


Super simple and quick! Serve with thin, Italian bread slices or mix with zucchini noodles for a yummy side dish. You can also add to fettuccine with some baked chicken. Yummy! 

Several things:

1. Do not be scared of making your own pesto. It's simple and you can control the ingredients and calories!

2. You MUST try fresh carrots. 





Everything you need to know for your January health goals!

Happy January and all things health and fitness! The end of 2017 was literally a crazy pile of shit for me! It wasn't all bad but just full of stuff. I did end the year with my first four months as a big girl business owner. It's true, had the meeting with my accountant and everything. Big girl. It seriously went like this:

Him: Blah, blah, serious stuff, blah.
Me: Do you need me to sign something for you?
Him: I need you to spend $7000 by the end of the year.
Me: In 6 days? Can I borrow some money?
Him: *explains it 2x* Do you understand this fully? I wrote it all down for you.
Me: *glares for about two minutes*
Him: Do you need me to start over?
Me: Well, I had $200 in my checking account yesterday. And you just handed me a bill for $375.
Him: I’m starting over.
Me: It probably won’t work even if you do.
Him: We’ve got this Molly. I’ve written it all down, highlighted everything and even included addresses for everything.
Me: I’m going to need to see your license.
Him: Molly. I feel like you don’t understand.
Me: Uh huh.

It has been an awesome four months though and I owe a ton to my awesome Assistant Director, Anna Whitfield. She is mainly running the facility and is a little spit fire of energy to have around. I look forward to watching her continue to grow. 

BUT.. It's January!!


Back to all things health and fitness! How can I help you in your goals to become healthier? I can toot my own horn here but I also want to include some other options too. 

Me first! Clearly, you know I have a website devoted to nutrition and fitness, since you are reading this! I hold over 10 fitness certificates, I am a licensed Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach. Surely, I can create a plan for you! OR we can create one together. OR I can mesh several together to create one with your own name to it.

Scared of me? I also LOVE Beachbody products and I am a coach with their organization, so we can find a program there too if you want. They have countless options for in home programs. I have tried them all (except Country Heat bc I would rather break my toe with a hammer) and can help you find one that will motivate you. I have several clients that have the On Demand option with Beachbody and they love it. It allows you to sign in and do any of their workouts any time that you want. I have met many through out Beachbody and they are a wonderful company. Yes, they sell products as well. Yes, there are bad coaches out there that will drive you crazy and demand that you join their challenge groups. But, there are also phenomenal and brilliant coaches too. I have tried all their products as well. I would never recommend anything that is full of sugars and fake crap, actually I rarely recommend any product unless I have used it at least three months personally.  I LOVE their Energize product. And my daughter has a Shakeology shake most mornings. I do not run challenge groups anymore, but I will mention one below that does. If you are interested in becoming a coach or trying any of their products, please let me know and I'll be happy to help! 

More interested in the nutrition side of things?  I.Am.Your.Girl.  I have a remarkable program with Precision Nutrition that is a habit based program that teaches you small, attainable goals to find the healthiest you possible. I have been blown away by my clients in this program. They love the smaller goals that are given each day and find it easier to remain successful this way. A new habit is given every two weeks that builds on the previous ones. Check out my Procoach tab at the top of the page. OR watch this awesome video. 

And I should mention that I'm only adding 5 spots with this program! I want to make sure that I can devote enough time to you! Please find me quick. (I have 3 meetings tomorrow to discuss it!) Look, I even have a graphic. I'm legit people. 


Think you know the basics but just want some extra help with your nutrition? Or you prefer to start a tad smaller? I.Am.Your.Girl. I can design a nutrition plan just for you. I can not slap the food out of your hand though. I can teach you how to put macros together and to find foods that will make you feel a million times better. Check out my info over here:

Curious what my favorite protein bar is? I ONLY eat Grab the Gold bars. It's true. I am a protein bar snob. If I had to dissect all the different bars, I would always come back to Grab the Gold bars. They have a great balance. Most have too much sugar, too many carbs, some fake crap, and some other stuff that we can't pronounce. The bars are organic, gluten free and taste like a no bake cookie. They sent me their new flavor that launched yesterday and holy smokes, YUM! The original is peanut butter and chocolate. The new one is peanut butter and jelly. Here is their site if you're curious. I'm not getting a commission, just FYI. If you live near me, I can order for you. I will also be carrying them at my facility soon if you want to try them. 

Do you love TRX products? Me too! Check this link out if you have been thinking about ordering a TRX system. (affiliate link)


Interested in the Whole 30 concept or a High Fat Lower Carb lifestyle? I have studied them both extensively but if you are interested in a challenge group with a coach that is freaking brilliant, especially with both of those - then over to my best friend you must go. Stacey Greenside runs an awesome site and has a group going almost continuously. She is very down to earth and will help you achieve your goals effortlessly. She has some fantastic resources and recipes. She is so good at it that she will fly across the entire United States, sit down to eat with you and still pull out a perfectly ripe avocado out of her purse. Perfectly ripe. 


Here is her site:

I could probably keep going here for hours. But, I'll stop! I encourage you to find what makes you happy. There are a ton of ideas flying out there and one is perfect for you! There are a zillion coaches as well and one will fit! I would love to help you find it. Good luck and Happy Januarying! 

Love, Molly

Yoga Challenge - Friday Routine

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope this finds you all thankful and feeling good. I hope your day was spent enjoying your time and family. 

I had a small Thanksgiving at home. I am very thankful to have spent it with my sweet girls. I cooked all their favorites and we enjoyed the day at home. As I’ve grown older and things are smaller, I’ve begun to really miss my family and friends. I grew up with friends and family around during the holidays. Everyone was kind and loved each other’s company. So, I certainly miss those days. We did clean out some things and found some old pictures that my girls laughed and laughed over. I woke up this morning with my glamour shots from 7th grade on the refrigerator. Awesome. 

Today is also my birthday!  My girls wanted desperately to have me a party since they missed it last year because they were traveling. I have invited my girlfriends over for a dinner tomorrow night. I am extremely excited to see them all and to actually sit and talk. I have some awesome, clean recipes to make them so I will make sure to take lots of pictures. 

I am very thankful for you and for sticking it out during this yoga challenge. I will keep the posts up awhile so you can redo them if you like. Thanks to all our clients at the gym as well, you make me happy to do what I do. 

Here is your Friday routine. If you ate as much as most, maybe go back and do all the routines today! What’s the harm? Enjoy your weekend and I wish you a relaxing and happy one.  



hankYou (1).png
hankYou (8).png

Yoga Challenge - Wednesday Routine

It's day three of our Yoga Challenge!! We hope that you are enjoying yourselves and finding some quiet time each day. 

It's the time of year where things are moving very fast and stressors start to creep in. We might not sleep as well, we certainly aren't eating that awesome (It's fudge season after all) and we are just plain tired! You also are too busy to workout. Oh, the shame! 

That's where we have to find a few things that can keep us grounded. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Use the 80/20 rule. Do not deviate. If you think you can fudge (pun intended) that number a few times, next thing you know - you're over here at 20/80. That just will not work and you will find yourself on the typical 7-8 pound gain train! Please do not ruin your progress for a month of fun or fudge. Statistics show that individuals who gain the typical 7-8 pounds during the holidays, rarely take it all off during the New Year. So, if you struggle with holiday eating - eat 80% compliant and 20% not compliant.

2. Do not over extend yourself! My mother raised me to understand that I will not die a miserable death if I do not attend every party I am invited too. I will still have friends and everyone will still love me, Damn it! Focus on the things that mean the most to you. 

3. Get plenty of rest and exercise. FYI, I did not use exclamation points there but I did holler it. Rest and exercise are WAY more important than the lady's church social that will take you hours to bake cookies for. 

4. Find a way to plan/prep ahead of time. Here's my mother again. She plans her yearly Banana Bread baking out to a tee! She bakes hundreds of Banana Bread loaves every year. As in people are calling her asking when they will receive theirs! She's famous for it! She pre-orders the bananas, she (ok, my dad) shells her own pecans weeks in advance, she buys all the ingredients at once and then she bakes all at once. She doesn't bake a batch and then clean up, etc. She bakes ALL weekend. Then she cleans up. Then she is done. No more worry for the rest of the season. Try to prep your meals on Sundays. Choose dishes to make for a party that you are comfortable with. Nothing is worse than spending hours googling a certain thing needed for a recipe. Or if you're me, the screaming obscenities all the way to the grocery store at 9:45 pm. (That happened two nights ago! I swear!!)

5. Spend 10 minutes each night before bed to relax and meditate. Center your mind. Prepare for the next day and then let it go for the night. Do some gentle yoga stretches and deep breathes. Then - go to bed! 

I hope your holiday season is wonderful! 

Good news! I am going to stop talking and let you have your newest Yoga routine! Here is your Wednesday routine and it is called "Stretching your Turkeystrings!" Enjoy!!  

Again, if you need us, leave us a message here.


Molly and Josh

hankYou (1).png
hankYou (10).png

Yoga Challenge - Tuesday Routine

How did your Monday routine go? I did my routine with my awesome class at lunch! Josh is on a secret travel vacation and completed his as well! 

Let's discuss my awesome group down here. They have all been with me for years and I love them like stupid amounts. Honestly, they are great people. It's amazing how dedicated and just plain nice they are. Rita - Holy smokes. She is a gorgeous person! Margaret - I've blabbed about her before. She's my adorable spit fire. One of my all time favorites! Tom - He started coming years ago to help with some pain. He has come so far. He even rode his motorcycle all the way to Canada this summer. Callie - My ridiculously fast and sweet runner. So quiet, but she will pass you every time. Ana - My newest member. She is the cutest thing alive! I have loved getting to know her. Holly - She is one of my best friends! She has an adorable 6 month old son (and a 6 yr old and 15 yr old) and has lost ALL her pregnancy weight! She looks fantastic! Stephanie - Another quiet, gorgeous one. She is the sweetest hard worker we have. I don't think I have ever seen her give up. 


Anyway - yay for everyone completing Monday! Here is your Tuesday routine. It is designed to start/aide your digestion system. Don't worry, we will repeat it Friday!! Stay long and lean and really hold the moves. Inhale and exhale with each move and keep your core engaged. This is a good time to mention your strength here. We have worked for MONTHS to get our clients to drop from a plank to the floor, so don't be discouraged if you can't complete it correctly. Drop to your knees and go from there. Notice where you are and keep practicing and you will eventually get there. It's one of our proudest accomplishments when our clients can lower correctly. You'll get there! Again, if you need us, leave us a message below. 


Molly and Josh

hankYou (1).png
hankYou (7).png

Planksgiving and Yoga Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. It's my favorite holiday of the year. I decided to do something a tad different this year to keep you, my awesome people on track! You have two options to not fall completely off the wagon! 

Holidays are hard and if you are one of those people that fall even a little and immediately give up - then you need a little motivation. It's ok to eat at Thanksgiving. It's not ok to eat for five days and make yourself sick. It's ok to eat your favorite pie from your favorite aunt. It's not ok to eat that favorite pie every weekend until February. 

My clients have success because I have (hopefully) taught them the lifestyle and how to go up and down peacefully. No "diet" is worth sulking in the corner until you are so pissed that you text me and declare your hatred for all diets. Just find your comfort level and be responsible. If you can only eat the ENTIRE pan of Sister Schubert rolls, then maybe you should be a responsible roll owner and not buy them. If you are laying awake at night upset because your Thanksgiving is now ruined because you will not be a roll owner, then buy the rolls. I don't care. Just get back up after you "roll" around with your rolls. 

My Assistant Director, Anna made this awesome Planksgiving workout. I swear you can do it. Try for at least 3x this week. Video or take a picture of yourself doing it and she promises a freebie when you return from the holiday. Wouldn't it be awesome if she handed out packages of Sister Schubert rolls? The good ones with the sausages. I will totally encourage her to do that. 


Let me introduce you to my new yoga trainee/instructor - Josh!!

Here he is with his lovely wife after completing the Mercedes Half Marathon!

Here he is with his lovely wife after completing the Mercedes Half Marathon!

He started with me years ago and the more questions he asked, the more I could tell that he studies and practices yoga. We became friends and he is currently studying for his certification. I love him. He is like a walking light bulb. I may describe a pose and he will look up and seem so excited. It's like I can actually see the light come on. He has turned into a wonderful instructor and I am proud to have him beside me. We decided to make a fun but challenging week routine.

Keep in mind - we made this for our current students and kept the terms basic so everyone could understand. We also recorded ourselves performing the moves on one side only. The videos are for you only if you need a refresher.

Warm up is simple. Repeat each day with the new workout. 

hankYou (1).png

The routine for Monday is all about balancing the holiday. Enjoy. 

hankYou (5).png

Enjoy and remember to follow proper rules and guidelines! If you need either one of us, send us a message here on this post! We will see you tomorrow night with the next day. Much love!


Molly & Josh

National Peanut Festival


Once a year, my family eats more fried food than is ever suppose to happen. Ever. We use to always have someone sick or throw up. Now, thankfully we have learned to budget the grease. 

The National Peanut Festival is this crazy two week tribute to the amazing peanut. The peanut. When I first moved to the area, aka peanut capital of the world it took me years to understand the concept. Umm, no I don't want to go to the peanut parade. I don't want to eat peanuts twenty different ways either. But, if you live in south east Alabama, western Georgia or the Florida panhandle, you go to the festival. Then I had kids. So, now I drive FOUR hours to allow my kids to eat as much grease as possible. They look forward to it every year. 

My mom has always stated that she wants to drive in the Demolition Derby, so now we have to attend the derby's. It's hilarious. Grown ass men (and one woman this year) driving cars that they have taped or chained together and hitting each other. People are screaming and clapping when you knock someones wheel off. It's fantastic. Every American must attend a demolition derby at some point in their life.  

My quest this year was to focus on more food options. I'm currently in a documentation phase of my eating with another nutrition coach, so I was being extra cautious with my food intake. Plus, I am broke and my stomach was already hurting. Win win for my grease intake. My girls also showed restraint. I swear I did not lecture or bribe them in anyway. I almost gave a speech on the ride down but I refrained. If they throw up, that's on them. 

The famous Corn Dog Man's line was around the corner as usual. My favorite roasted corn vendor was also packed, so luckily I was too impatient to stand in line. The ONLY boiled peanut guy that I will ever buy from was there again. He's awesome. He has the waving peanut man in the picture above. My mom wanted some too but she walked away from me. So, I bought the large one in hopes of sharing with her. I sit down beside her finally all excited and she is eating some from hers. So, the two of us had two containers of boiled peanuts. <Insert two belly aches> Boiled peanuts are an acquired taste. You need to try real ones! Not, the canned ones. 

I did find some fruit though. 

Bananas were available. 

Bananas were available. 

Everyone should eat apples. Good quality apples. 

Everyone should eat apples. Good quality apples. 

I also found some vegetables. I had a vegetarian with me, so no worries. Vegetables were available. Cauliflower, green beans, broccoli, okra. No excuses for not getting your daily vegetables.   


The girls ate some fried oreos. I was secretly hoping one would buy some fried peanut butter cups, but mom was shafted. No one ate a turkey leg thank goodness. We skipped the fried kool aide. One girl ate Chick Fil A. I did lecture her about choosing the option that is a mile from our house. We did manage to buy cotton candy, boiled peanuts, fresh lemonade, hot dog, two nachos, brunswick stew (my dinner), fries, and fried oreos. Believe it or not, that was a success! AND no one threw up. We did stop for some stomach medicine though. Still- successful trip. 

My brother also drove up to see us. Which was awesome! We missed Aunt Steph, AKA the cool aunt. 

All in all, successful trip to the Peanut Festival! Now, we have a full year to recover/detox.

Love, Molly

Annabelle loving an alligator. 

Annabelle loving an alligator. 

The stare down.

The stare down.


It's a real thing. 

My sweet little.

My sweet little.

My beautiful Annabelle!

My beautiful Annabelle!

Annabelle, Haley and Kaytie. 

Annabelle, Haley and Kaytie. 

Salad Dressing

Salads. The ONLY thing that you can EVER eat if you want to be healthy. A handful of lettuce and one carrot. AND add a bag of cheese.  

Don't let salads scare you. They are nice. They love you. They are full of happiness and colors. Just be smart and add tons of veggies, spinach, avocados, and a good quality dressing. 

Please for the love of all the perfectly ripe avocados in the entire world, learn to make your own dressings. My girls are spoiled and will barely eat ranch dressing unless it's homemade. They both can make their own! Mom win.

You can easily control your sugar intake and fat by making your own. There are a zillion recipes so play around and find one that you and your family will love. Good luck!


Jumping Off The Wagon

Is it vital that you stay on the healthy eating wagon every second of every day? It's not!

We all do it. Here's my story of falling off the wagon. More like jumping off and rolling around for awhile. Darin and I just returned home from our 2 year anniversary trip. I have decided to not eat for at least 6 weeks. That sums up the trip. 

Keep in mind that I don't eat large quanities. I'm just not good at it. I am certain that we both ate enough to last us weeks. Here's a perfect rundown. 


We started in Charleston, South Carolina. We were so excited to stay in an awesome Airbnb. Check out Brett and Shannon if you ever need a place in Charleston! The location is perfect and has some cool little bars and restaurants within walking distance.

We researched many restaurants and decided on several of the top ones. S.N.O.B., Slightly North of Broad was fantastic. I had a Pork Chop and Darin had Shrimp and Grits. Both were great.

Our S.N.O.B. dinner. Great cocktails too!

Our S.N.O.B. dinner. Great cocktails too!

The next day we decided to check out Poogan's Porch for brunch. My friend, Warren suggested it and it was remarkable. I had the breakfast platter and Darin ate a grilled Pimento Cheese sandwich. BUT.. the best thing was the Fried Green Tomatoes. I don't even like tomatoes. Really, I could have eaten baskets of those. It can be a bit pricey, so we were happy that we tried it at brunch. I could eat a basket of fried green tomatoes right now actually. I'm only on day two of the trip and we both have already eaten enough calories for a week.  Whatever. Tomorrow will be better. 

Poogan's Porch pimento cheese sandwich with a fried egg, spinach and tomatoes and a side of duck fat fried potatoes.

Poogan's Porch pimento cheese sandwich with a fried egg, spinach and tomatoes and a side of duck fat fried potatoes.

The next part of our eat-across-the-carolinas landed us in Asheville, North Carolina. Big mistake. Tomorrow will not be better. Tomorrow will contain more eating and more eating. We should have skipped Charleston all together and gone straight to Asheville. It was a wonderful city! We both fell in love immediately. I of course, fit right in with the hippie, healthier vibe. Darin fit PERFECTLY into the brewery and cycling vibe. We pulled up to our Airbnb and we started sweating a bit. It looked "different." But once inside, it was lovely. With the new mindset of less food from now on, we failed immediately. Darin began riding his mountain bike each day while I slept in with my food coma. I did visit The Biltmore House one day. (Which is an entirely other post!) I managed to not eat while there thankfully. I did accidentally join a family for a wine tasting. The guy asked if I was with a group and I joked, "Yep, I'm with them." And the father of this group just smiled and said, "Yeah, she's with us."  Ok, so now I have a new family that likes to drink wine and I had to fit in. It was new family peer pressure. It's a real thing. I left with a bottle of wine. New daddy did not pay for it.  I enjoyed my time there.

Every meal in Asheville was phenomenal. All Souls Pizza is this quiet, wonderful pizzeria. We eat our fair amount of gourmet pizza and this has been our favorite anywhere on the planet.

I'm telling you everything that I don't like, yet loved in Asheville. I guess it's some cosmic food universe where all things are fantastic. Next place:  Hole Doughnuts. Seriously, I have no love for donuts. This is a tiny place in West Asheville where they make the donuts as you order. They really were awesome. I can appreciate the small business atmosphere and eco-friendly vibe. There was a tiny house out back as well. All I could think of was living in this awesome city, in a gorgeous tiny house, with a donut shop within ten feet. My little Haley Jane would be in paradise. 

I also do not like beer. Yes, my partner likes everything that I do not, yet somehow I end up at his choices. They usually are good though. As this list proves. Sweeten Creek Brewery was great. And we went to 400 Asheville breweries. I swear. Maybe 600. This was the only beer that I actually liked. I might drink it on occasion if I had it locally. The vibe is a bit off and it's not the fanciest place, but that was fine. They have an attached sandwich shop that was great as well. We highly recommend this place. 

Jalapeno Hot Dog at Sweeten Creek. With the best English Pea Potato Salad! 

Jalapeno Hot Dog at Sweeten Creek. With the best English Pea Potato Salad! 

Darin is the guy that can ride a mountain bike effortlessly. Rain, no problem. Mountain bigger than a state, easy. Drinks tons of beer, no issues. I walked up a small hill to find the non-existent bathroom once and was out of breathe. So, he mapped out several big, scenic rides and loved them all. He has already mentioned staying in Brevard, NC next time. I went with him one day and played around the city while he was riding and loved it. It had these wonderful little shops and cafes. We ate at Magpie Meat & Three and once again, it was fantastic. We did declare this our best meal of the entire trip. Which is saying a lot!  


Sunny Point Cafe was a few blocks from our Airbnb and we passed it several times and noticed it was packed but decided against it. Finally, our last dinner and we decided to go there. If this place was in my city, I would have to get a job there for discounts on food. It was great. Darin got a Pork Chop and Potatoes with Gravy. Behold... the first salad of the trip...

Sunny Point Cafe. Finally some green!

Sunny Point Cafe. Finally some green!

Sunny Point Cafe Tomato Basil Soup. 

Sunny Point Cafe Tomato Basil Soup. 

Overall, our eat-across-the-carolinas-so-we-can-gain-five-pounds was a great success. We recommend all the places mentioned. So, the point is, we had a good time and enjoyed some wonderful food, drinks and sites.  Even though we ate a TON of food, it was mainly from quality, organic places and was worth it. Darin gained at least 5 pounds, even after cycling 100 miles. I refused to get on the scale. We both are back home and back on the good eating wagons.

I (normally) try to stick to the 80/20 rule and have even pushed it up to about 90/10 recently. 90% good/10% not so much. I enjoyed the new food options and pairings. This trip reminded me of one of my friends, Tammi. She has just launched her new website and her dishes are so AWESOME! She is not afraid to try new pairings. She also cooks gluten free a lot. She would have loved this trip!

Check her out here:

My favorite from her site:

So, stop whining and get back on the wagon. It's okay that you fell off and rolled around awhile. We ALL do it.

I'll leave you with some of the beautiful trails. 

Big Rock in Dupont Forrest.

Big Rock in Dupont Forrest.

An actual bike trail in Dupont Forrest.

An actual bike trail in Dupont Forrest.

Not a trail of course, but my favorite site of the trip! Live Kombucha on tap. I was SOOO jealous.  

Not a trail of course, but my favorite site of the trip! Live Kombucha on tap. I was SOOO jealous.  

Love, Molly

School is in session!

Happy New School Year! I hope all the kiddos are settled into school and enjoying themselves. It's no secret - I despise the school year. It's monotony and running everywhere trying to stay alive. And someone needs $10 by tomorrow. And someone needs the damned poster board for a project at 9 pm. Did we not need this poster board at 6 pm? And I forgot to buy lunch meat, so you will be eating carrot sticks and bread. I hate it all!

My girls also attend schools that are 50 miles apart. 50 MILES. Not 5, 50. Yeah, it's easy. On Fridays, one gets out at 3:12 and the other 3:15. It's joy. And I live right in the middle. Either way, I am backtracking or something. We do car pool and one parent works closer to at least one kid, so that works. It is just a logistical nightmare. But, we make it work. We two-wheel it into gas stations and holler for the kid to get out or jump in. And off we go. It works. And now, my oldest is driving and plans to start driving at least one day a week. That's another topic though! Eek. 

Both my girls are also picky with food and I might be a little picky about what they eat... so, they bring their lunches. I taught them early on to help with making their lunches. Because, let's face it, if I'm in charge their lucky if they show up with actual food! I tend to forget...  I've lasted four weeks so far this school year, I'm sure I'll give up soon! I place a big basket with snacks on the counter and they can grab what they like. I also try and keep the refrigerator stocked with yogurts, natural juices and cheeses. But there was also this -

The 2012 candy corn incident. This actually came out of my mouth- I swear.

Me: My child has only candy corn in her lunch box? Well, I like for them to be independent sometimes.
Teacher: Maybe she can be a little less independent tomorrow.
Me: I will give you credit for that statement.
Teacher: I’m glad.

Child gets in the car that afternoon.

Me: What did you pack for lunch?
Child: Candy corn.
Me: I heard.
Child: Yea, my stomach hasn’t felt so good.
Me: Uh huh, maybe you should have wrapped the candy corn in turkey or something.
Child: You’re gross.
Me: Well, you’re the one who packed candy corn for lunch.

My family still laughs about the candy corn incident. My brother laughed for days and days. 

My gorgeous 11th grader.

My gorgeous 11th grader.

Annabelle, Anna and Kaytie.

Annabelle, Anna and Kaytie.

My mini me and Beau.

My mini me and Beau.

My beautiful 7th grader. 

My beautiful 7th grader. 

Here are a few of the lunches I have made this year. 

Carrots (organic from my dad) and celery with homemade ranch dressing. Turkey and cheese roll up. Cherries and strawberries. Snack cake and water. Score!

Carrots (organic from my dad) and celery with homemade ranch dressing. Turkey and cheese roll up. Cherries and strawberries. Snack cake and water. Score!

This is one of my favorites! I love making roll ups and sending to school. My girls love them too. This has turkey roll ups, cheese cubes, cauliflower, green pepper, cucumber and apple slices. With my homemade dressing again! They grab what they want and another score!

This is one of my favorites! I love making roll ups and sending to school. My girls love them too. This has turkey roll ups, cheese cubes, cauliflower, green pepper, cucumber and apple slices. With my homemade dressing again! They grab what they want and another score!

I typically only send chips or pretzels with my girls 1 day a week. I think they take chips from their dads house a few days, so I try and curb chips from being brought every single day. I have friends that say they don't care what their kids eat at school, as long as they are eating. I disagree. I don't mind if my girls eat crap sometimes, but not constantly. One daughter has a friend that will barely come to our house because she claims she don't have anything to eat or drink when she's there. I have a ton of food, just not soda, chips and cookies. Sorry. 

My girls don't have sugar crashes and caffeine headaches either! Wonder why? Mom win. 

Kids will try you and prefer the sugar snacks and crap! Just don't give in. It's really simple. And don't make a big deal if they do choose the not so awesome choice. I had a mom try and hire me as a nutrition coach for her overweight daughter. It did seem that genetics was playing a role in her weight but the more I dug around, the more I started to feel sorry for this little 9 year old. The mother was naturally slim and ate fairly well. (and was a licensed social worker!) The father was not slim and ate poorly. The mother CONSTANTLY talked about this. She made comments to the little girl everyday. She told the little girl to take the trash out each afternoon because that would add some exercise to her day. She labeled foods with signs that said, "Not for you ___." She made comments like, "You are so beautiful, hopefully you will lose your baby weight." She truly did not understand why her daughter was hiding foods in her room and gorging herself when she went to friends houses. She asked for my honest advice and I gave it to her. And I lost a client that day! She was to blame 100%. She bought the bad foods. She shamed her daughter daily. She bought the older, slim daughter cute outfits and bought this child clothes from discount stores. She made her daughters weight HER issue. She was ashamed to have a chubby daughter. I did tell her that she needed to reevaluate her thought process and to imagine how she made her daughter feel. I did tell her that she needed to consider counseling for herself. She did follow my advice somewhat. 

There's one thing I try hard to never do around my girls - discuss weight. I have never mentioned to one of them about gaining weight. Losing weight, etc. If they mention my weight, I will answer their question and that's it. I don't call myself skinny. Or fat. I don't use the word diet in my house. I will explain to them if I'm doing some type of exercise program or trying a new food plan, but the D word is never used. If they want to discuss some diet fad, I will discuss the benefits and cons. They are curious about nutrition and exercise and not scared of it. That was my goal. Mom win again.

Here are some great options for kids: 

Veggies: Carrot Sticks, Celery, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Cucumbers

Natural Peanut Butter (Not the low fat version please!)

Pretzels, Baked Chips, Pita Chips w Hummus

Greek Yogurt

Fruit of any kind

Here's one of my favorite graphics for you -

brunch (1).png

Also, be a good example for your child. Don't be frantic and go running to slap the chips out of their hands! Fix a variety of whole and fresh foods and you eat them too. Don't make a huge deal out of food. Food is for nourishment remember. My youngest has just started running cross country and she has really gotten heavy into her diet. I gave her some suggestions and answered her questions but I have kinda stepped back hoping that she would think about her diet on her own. I strategically placed some veggies and fruit around. I accidently made a smoothie with fresh fruit one morning. She loves any type of fruit and immediately jumped on that. After a few runs, she began saying things about her eating and how she felt better when she ate good. No comment from me. It was all I had to not roll my eyes and scream "about time someone in my life says that." Two weeks in and she has taken control of her eating with no help from me (except I did buy the food she put on her grocery list). I am so proud of her! I hope she can maintain this even after her season is over. Especially, since candy corn season is among us. Have you tried the Candy Apple kind? What's going on there? 

Try and make one healthier choice a day this week for your kids. Put the veggies and fruit in their lunch boxes. They may not eat it at first, but they are noticing. Keep doing it each day and you might be surprised what happens. 

Good Luck,


-Be curious about nutrition and exercise and not scared of it.-.png

Staying Active Despite having a Chronic Pain or Inflammation Disease

One of my talents- I am a master of disguise when it comes to hiding pain. Am I proud? Sorta. Does it bring me comfort? No. I am a personal trainer, group ex instructor and fitness blogger that manages to put on a strong front while in ridiculous pain.  I've written about this before and I have also spoken to many groups on this topic and have managed to compile some data. When I walk into a room to speak, I generally can put you into 2 groups. 1. The give up group. 2. The wants to give up but will die swinging group. 

In my years of having Lupus and belonging to several support groups, online and in person, the one's that have lost their battle are always in the "give up" group. Always. Maybe it's a coincidence for me but I don't feel it is. They have the sad, I don't care look. They don't care what they eat, how they survive, they are just trying to survive somehow. This is a bad and lonely place. 

I'm going to hopefully push you to the other "fighter" group. There are some things that I do and have taught people in pain for years to do that has always kept them on the fighter side. Don't worry, you can walk over to the other side occasionally, just don't hang out over there. 

1. Grieve. This took YEARS for me to master (or sorta kinda). I'm not sure I can even speak on this because I've done such a pathetic job here, but pretend I know what I'm talking about. It's imperative that you grieve for your life that you thought you were living. If you have been diagnosed with something as debilitating as Lupus, regaining your life just as it was years ago is probably not going to happen. I'm sorry to say that but it's just a fact - your life is forever different. Take time to grieve that fact properly. Grieve that adorable, spunky sweet girl. The one that could climb hills and hills. Is she forever gone doomed to a wheelchair? NO. I swear. After years, I can say that I am in better shape than before my diagnosis. It's painful and sucks ass, but I can do it. Allow your family time to grieve as well. They are also losing one way and needing to understand the new way.

2. Find your inner strength. Trust me here. You're going to need some major strength and it has to come from you. Unfortunately, I have tried every approach possible and I have learned that you can't put everything into your spouse or children or doctor. Or cat. I go through spells and I will actually say, "I'm hunkering down, so let me do it my way." My partner - oh geez! That tactic does not work well. But, after several years, we have found a common ground. The pain and stress are remarkable and I have to shut my outside world down at times or I won't survive the day. It isn't a jab or direct hit at him, I am turning my survival mode on. I have no idea how I've managed to still be standing, but I believe it's because I have something within me that has managed to take over. And when I have gained some strength, I will walk back up to him. He has adjusted to my strategy finally but he has also shown me that I can't handle it all alone at times.

3. Find other "fighters." Let me introduce you to some of my friends. We all have severe health problems and we have managed to find deep friendships with each other. I have two great friends, Alanna and Katina. We all have the same doctor and spent time in chemo together. What's the difference here? If you randomly open my phone and see our group texts, you would be wildly surprised. We are honest at all times with each other. One will nicely ask 'how are you' to the group.  And we answer with a barrage of explicits about what is truthfully going on. The others listen and encourage with the same amount of explicits. We just understand. We laugh when one of us goes down with something major, again. I told them that I dislocated my knee and several weeks later, I sent a message about my recent issue. "I guess I broke my neck." The comments and laughs that came back were fantastic! It was funny people! I was getting hurt every single step I took for months. It became hilarious. My partners at the gym started laughing too! It is so stupid how much we deal with at times and sometimes you can't help but laugh. We also are better researchers than most. Fighters surround themselves with knowledge and they aren't afraid to use it! Find a group of fighters and they will be your best asset. I have put concerns on something out to friends all over the country and they have responded with answers and things that I have taken to my doctor. I knew of a research drug being studied before my doctor. Fighters find ways to survive no matter what. Learn to be a fighter.

4. Know your limits. This is a brutal reality. You have to know your limitations and what is going to hurt you in the long run. This is something that sucks the most. Chronic sufferers live each day with something nagging them and we will go to great lengths to quieten this. Unfortunately, it never quietens. Spend a week in the sun, spend two weeks feeling like you were hit by a truck. Eat bad for a week, it will take my stomach three weeks to level out. Go heavy in the gym and I'll spend weeks with a swollen knee. It truly hurts when I have to explain why I can't do something. It makes you feel like you actually are sick. Ironic. But, you have to find your limits. My oldest daughter would ask to swing all day, every day. "Swing, please," she would beg. No one understood, but I actually lost the mobility in my right hand for almost a year. It hurt constantly, but I hid it well. The thing that hurt it the most, pushing a swing for some reason. I tried everything. Pushing with my hand closed. Pushing only with my left hand. Pushing super hard several times and then stepping away to rest my hand. I tried bribing her with sugar. Toys. But, all she wanted to do was swing with me pushing her. I started telling her no. It was the only way I felt I could help my pain in my hand. (I do still have terrible guilt about not being able to play with her. I imagine that she doesn't even remember this.) Either way- I knew my limits. 

5. Do your best. I have tried all kinds of approaches to feel better. Hello... I am a personal trainer that works in a gym full time. And I hold a Nutrition license. It's imperative that you continue to exercise and eat healthy. I have had several doctors tell me that the only reason I am not crippled (their word, not mine), is because I have always worked out. Insert the fighter group again here - The fighters continue regardless. Maybe we are masters of our pain thresholds or maybe we are just fighters. Or maybe something happened in our childhoods that taught us this vital skill. I happen to believe that it has to do with your surroundings and support systems. If you treat me sick, I will show you not sick. If you treat me not sick, I will eventually show you sick anyway. But, do not remind me because I can do as much if not more than you. Even sick. I live with my reality everyday and I don't need someone reminding me. I will talk to you about anything if you ask me nicely, but I'm not going to discuss it on my own. Because, unless you feel my pain or live with me, you will not understand how hard I try to do my best each day. In my years of speaking to chronically ill patients, I can also tell you this - we hurt more just knowing that we are affecting the people close to us as well. By bringing it up, you are reminding us of this as well. I can say that I truly do my best every day. I may sit down and play on my phone at work, but I'm really trying to divert my attention away from my pain. I may have an unorganized pantry with random foods in it, but if I can't cook tonight, my girls can find something. I may have pulled a random pain pill out of my boyfriends glove compartment last week that I hid in there for emergencies. It was an emergency dear!

I learned at a very young age that I had to be strong for myself, that other people won’t always fight for you. They may care for you, but nobody can do the work of building you up like you can. This disease has been at times the most defeating thing I’ve ever experienced because there is no control over it. I want to keep it real and say that I fight everyday but that’s not the truth. Some days I don’t fight at all. That use to make me so emotional and depressed but what I realized is sometimes not fighting is still a form of fighting.

6. Don't be a dumb ass. You have to listen to your doctor and your body. I have fought remarkably hard and I still get lectured by my doctor. However, my doctor is at the top of his field. I have laughed and lectured other doctors about being wrong though. I do not have a bone sticking out of my armpit idiot girl resident from three years ago. There is an idiot here, but it's not me! I have been with my doctor for 11 years and he knows me very well. He says something and I listen. Listen to your body too. Is jumping at the trampoline park really a good idea after you spent two days with a swollen knee? Do you get sick and feel worse after eating crap for a few days? Don't be a dumb ass - your body is giving you the signals to make some changes. Change your diet and see how you feel. I swear that you will survive two days without corn chips. (They are over there on the table staring at me. Just staring.) Hire an awesome nutrition coach. I know one if you need a suggestion. 

7. DO NOT GIVE IN. Being diagnosed with a disease, suffering an injury, or just losing your way is not a reason to give up. If you want to lay on the couch everyday and whine about how shitty your life is, then do that. But don't wonder why your family is concerned, why you are gaining weight, why you suddenly feel even worse, why your kids aren't hanging around as much, why your finances are getting worse, etc. Get your ASS UP. Walk to the bathroom every hour. Walk to the kitchen. Walk to the mailbox. Turn the TV off and reflect/meditate. Here's a true story that I have only told to one group. I only told it because a lady was crying in the front row. (We are still friends.) My oldest had just started school and I was at home with my youngest. I was at my sickest and had started working from home because I couldn't load up the little one, drive and work all in the same day. Well, Haley Jane was a little spit fire. She needed to be right near you. And talked the ENTIRE time. I just wanted to sit and suffer but that couldn't happen. I finally figured out how to help us both. We had three trees in our front yard and we went outside. I concocted this ridiculous game with these trees. We would walk around the trees in varying ways. Once she learned the game, I would sit down. I would sit there and tell her what to do. Everyday, we went outside and played this game. I would sit down immediately and tell her what to do. I essentially just ran my two year old until she gave up. After a few weeks, I made a loop with her. Then two. Then we added the mailbox. Then we added the neighbors tree. It wasn't much to a high impact trainer but it wasn't me sitting on the couch. And yes, it hurt like hell. I was brutally sick, but I wasn't going to give in.

I had a great friend that gave up. She hired a driver if she ever got out, which was rarely. She hired a cook. She had a housekeeper. She had nurses that came to her. She hired a lady to do her shopping. She would shop online and find something and then have the lady go buy it at the store. She would then tell her family that she had went and bought it. She often told me that she was done fighting. She didn't even want to walk to the bathroom alone. She suffered greatly. She got up, walked to the bathroom and sat down and died on December 15, 2006. She was 51. Her daughter later told me that on Christmas morning, the family came to the house to have Christmas anyway. They had explained to the grand kids how they wouldn't be getting any presents from their grandmother because she of course had passed away weeks before and they assumed she hadn't purchased gifts. The families arrived and began having Christmas. Everyone had brought gifts and placed them under the tree. When they began opening, they noticed gifts addressed to the grand kids in their mother's handwriting. The grand kids began opening these gifts and they were prerecorded story books from their grandmother. Recorded in her own voice, all with a handwritten note telling them how much she loved them. There was even one for an unborn grandchild. I was at her house on December 10th and she gave me a Christmas angel that I still put out every year and say a prayer for her grand children that she clearly loved tremendously. I also ask her why she gave up. Why she didn't fight just a little harder. She was able to walk, eat, talk, cook, drive - yet she felt she couldn't. It was stated that she died from low blood pressure and complications from Lupus. It may be rude of me to say, but I feel she gave in to her disease years before and had stopped fighting. She did not have to die. Her husband was asleep in the bedroom and she never woke him up to say she wasn't feeling well. She always woke him up to help her to the bathroom, this night she didn't. Her unborn grandchild was born just three months after she died, she could have been there. Maybe it was her time to go and nothing could have stopped that. Or maybe she gave up.

I fight for my husband and son. They are the ones that keep me going no matter how bad I might feel. I also fight to prove that I don’t give up that easily!

I truly understand how hard it is to wake up "differently" than you used too. I understand the constant issues and concerns. I understand the incredible burden that is placed on your shoulders. I understand the desire to stop and give up. For some reason, you have been made differently or been given something else to handle. The most exciting part is that you can show your true strength and somehow climb out of this. I show my girls everyday that a mother can accomplish so much even with crippling issues. I may holler or react harsh on my bad days, but I also make homemade cupcakes with little ABC sprinkles for the first day of school every year. I may not have pushed my daughter for five straight hours 12 years ago on the swing, but she does get a birthday cake made by me each year. Most importantly, they have been taught compassion and independence. 

So, despite your struggles, I encourage you to continue staying active and to fight for yourself. Do it for you, no one else. You are enough - I promise. 

Alanna is going to die because she has no makeup on! Alanna, Katina and myself at our chemo treatment. 

Alanna is going to die because she has no makeup on! Alanna, Katina and myself at our chemo treatment. 

Love, Molly


Find Your Fight

I'm going to keep this short, because I could talk about this topic for hours. 

I have been in the health and fitness field for a million years. Here's the secret that I have noticed with all my clients, friends and family - 

You have to find your fight. 

It can be anything. Something small, large, sad, revenge or a simple comment. Eventually, everyone finds their one thing that they decide to fight for.  I've had clients getting married, marathoners that aren't able to pass this one milestone, a dad unable to pick his daughter up, cancer patients, and women feeling that they aren't their best selves. And there was the guy who played college baseball and started coaching his son's team and wanted to feel awesome again. The grandmother that couldn't keep up with her teenage grandson who had recently moved in. I've had several girls that wanted desperately to get pregnant. (I'm currently 100% at helping them get pregnant. Ok, there have only been 3, but they followed my nutrition and fitness plan and next thing you know, baby is coming!) 

These people came to a place that they knew things needed to change. Sometimes, they have no choice. I'm one of those people. I suffer from a stupid and remarkably painful autoimmune disease. It really is stupid. I can think about a joint and wake up the next morning with an injury on that joint. It's awesome and a great gift. But, I'm an overachiever and very stubborn so don't try it. I injured my left hip. It was brutal. I get it better, then my right kneecap spontaneously dislocates. I start limping around and there goes the right hip. I spend countless hours in orthopedic offices and physical therapists. I'm feeling 75% back and I suffer from a neck injury. Eighteen months later and I am still not back to working out much. It sucks ass. 

My only hope is to just find my fight and keep going. I may be holding an extra 7.4 pounds now and I look 90 years old when I go down stairs, but whatever. I know my body and disease and beginning a new program right now would only cause me to fail. I have found what I need to fight for. It's my businesses, my girls and my relationships. I struggle every single day with things but I have to stay pointed forward. My days are a roller coaster and that's ok. I try to express my feelings (that's a huge weakness of mine) and redirect my attention.

Like today, these words actually came out of my mouth to my ridiculously patient boyfriend, "I'm not feeling so awesome today, so I need you to tell me I'm pretty at least five times in the next hour. Thanks." I'm not perfect. And he's a loser because he only told me four times. Come on. 

I encourage you to sit and really imagine what you want. Write it down. Then sit and think how you can achieve this. It doesn't have to be huge or moving across the country or something. Just imagine a small task to move you forward and start working towards it. It takes 21 days to make a habit. 

Once you prove that you can fight, imagine how fast you will start moving towards that goal. 

So, find your freaking fight. 




Ask yourself why you aren't in my circle? Or are you?

I am launching a new program in two weeks that I'm SOOO pumped to give you. I started several people a month ago and they are loving it and seeing great success. I hand picked them because I knew they would give me honest feedback. And they have! I can't wait to let you see it. Are you in my circle so you can get the news as soon as I launch it? 

International Yoga Day

Happy International Yoga Day peeps! I have some of the best yoga students on the planet! I work for a corporate facility and most all my students are professionals- super advanced, awesome ones. They travel frequently and most are marathoners as well. I adjust if long runs have been done or one has just come off of a long international trip. They all adjust very well and master each sequence that I add! 

An Authentic Place

Hola. I just returned from Tulum, Mexico. I want to write today on what I'm feeling in my current life. Finding an authentic place. A place where colors are brighter and the world is seemingly better. I started a journey four years ago to find what makes me happy or maybe a better term - who I am. It has not been an easy four years, but I am proud of my current place. I have found an authentic place where I seem to have a good place in my mind of what is ok. I was reminded of this about a zillion times in Tulum. We started our Thursday with a remarkable breakfast at Ziggy's and then off to the Tulum Ruins.

The Healthiest Sick Person Alive, Part 2

Hey guys.  Sorry I haven't kept you all in the loop about my surgery.  I tend to retreat in tough times.  So, I retreated and am just now barely looking out from behind the sheets. I did finally turn a light on in my room today.  So, I'm days ahead of schedule.  I'll be in the real world by April possibly.  Surgery went fine.  The surgeon stated that things looked much worse than he expected but he was able to repair everything successfully.