Hi I’m Molly…

I've always been active and as a gymnast and cheerleader, I was always the "fit" girl. Not sure I liked that title. When my family moved at 15, I found this the perfect time to lose as much muscle and weight as possible. This began my struggle with an eating disorder.

After determining that I needed to begin working out, I joined a local gym at 17. I attended a group fitness class one day and when the teacher didn't show up, I walked to the front and told everyone that I would teach. I lasted about 10 minutes but I knew I wouldn't give up on it. I have been teaching group fitness ever since! I have grown my certifications to over 15 different fitness and health titles. I currently specialize in TRX Suspension and Rip Training, Yoga, Hip Hop dance and Piyo Live.

I also own a corporate wellness management firm that works exclusively for a large manufacturing company. I love my job and the people that I have placed around me. It is a joy to wake up and come to work each and every day. I also own MB Fitness and co-own, M&C Fitness. We specialize in helping people all over the world find what works for them in their fitness and nutrition journey.

I am also a single mom to the most amazing two girls! Annabelle is this brilliant, artistic writer that will go far, all while documenting it to rub it in my face! I'll get a selfie from a hill in Switzerland one day. Haley Jane is this little spit fire, AKA my mini twin. She is full of energy and excitement. She will run circles around me for years to come, all while lecturing me. They have made my life a wonderful and happy place!


My journey sped up immediately twelve years ago, when I decided to work full time in health and fitness. I have helped countless people find their right path with their health and wellness, I hope to help you as well!