Hi, I’m Chad…

You could say I was raised in a gym, my mom was and still is an aerobic instructor. I spent my childhood and teen years growing up surrounded by fitness enthusiasts. So it’s no surprise I love working out and I love helping people reach their fitness goals.

I am an ACE certified personal trainer and have spent my life training myself and the people around me. From group fitness, marathon running, power lifting, bootcamp, kettlebells and so much more, you could say I have put in the work.

Now that I have (time to brag) two adorable children of my own, time has become a precious commodity. Working fitness into your life is not always easy but it can be done. I have programs for every step of your journey. You just starting out, I got you covered, home or at the gym. Love kettlebells? Me too! I have several kettlebell programs from beginners to experienced swingers. More of a conventional or power lifter? I spent a long time in power lifting and have programs to get you to the next level. Reach out and find out how Molly and me can take you to your next level in life.