2019 Mbusi Softball

We are excited to start our 2019 Softball season here at MB Fitness and MBUSI.

Below is the current information needed to get you started. I will update the page as more information is gathered.

MBUSI Co-Ed Softball League

Open to all MBUSI, NAOS, MB Tech, Onin and Admin Temps


1. Up to 13 players per softball team (10 players, 3 alternates). Players can only be on one roster.

2. This is a co-ed softball league. There must be a minimum of 3 girls. All Team Members are invited to participate in the league.

3. Each team will have a designated Captain. This Captain is responsible for the recruiting and setting of their team’s roster.

4. The duration of the game is subject to 7 innings or 50 mins, whichever comes first.

5. Fee per player is $20; to pay for field rental, shirts, umpires, and equipment.

6. Field Rental, softball equipment (balls/bats) are provided by MBUSI. All Team Members are responsible for bringing their own glove.

7. All games will be played at the Brookwood Ballpark, located at 15689 AL- 216, Brookwood, Alabama 35444.

8. Rules will be provided when Captains turn their roster in.

Rosters MUST BE made up in the following way:

A League - A shift, C shift and Admin

B League - B shift, C shift and Admin

AlL completed rosters are due by 5 pm on May 24th.

the League is scheduled to play 10-12 weeks on monday and wednesday nights beginning at 5 pm. first game is scheduled to be June 5th.

Please note: All rules and regulations for the 2019 season are being governed by the 2019 softball committee only. committee members are below:

Molly blomeley, League director

Hannah fitch, league manager

Tiffany earnhardt

jim fitch

roman howton

roderick inge

kevin jones

Josh may

donna merrill

summer trammell